Discussion: Biden Refuses To Apologize After Sharing Anecdote Aides Told Him To Change

It’s a wonder Biden wasn’t elected President decades ago.


Aides recommend avoiding speaking of past associations and alliances with renowned, unrepentent racists. Candidate ignores aides’ counsel.

Sounds like a winning strategy going forward in the campaign.


And now we see why Biden scares the president.


Joe Biden has been a Senator then VP since he was thirty years old. Consequently, he has had people kissing his ass for over forty-five years. His knowledge of how the real world operates is nonexistent and deteriorating.


Biden should go away now. We have plenty of fine candidates.

The toothpaste isn’t going back into the tube. 2015 isn’t coming back, nor should it.


His aides reportedly tried to circumvent the whole mess, urging Biden to choose a less politically charged example of bipartisanship — to no avail.

This is becoming a theme. It’s like the times he claimed to have been in the marches for civil rights, and was criticized because it wasn’t strictly true, his aides would remind him not to say it again, and he’d say it again. It’s the flip side of his “wonderfully unscripted and genuine” persona. He just doesn’t care and says whatever he feels like.


Here is my view:

Warren for POTUS
Brown for Ohio (er Veep)*

(Biden for a very visible cabinet position.)

  • Ohio, plus neighboring states would be a nice addition…I am aware that puts up one back in the Senate, but Ohio and its neighbors are very important

I think Booker is offended by the “He didn’t call me boy, he called me son” thing. It is kinda hurtful.


Joe Biden has consistently told that similar story as long as I can remember him. He eulogized Strom Thurmond, remember? I forget the precise names and context but I distinctly remember Biden telling the story of being surprised to learn that one of the most despciable opponents we can imagine, is a foster parent who’s adopted several children. The moral of the story was that no matter what you think of your opponent across the aisle, he’s got 100,000 people who think he’s the greatest guy in the world.

It’s who he is.


Biden has a lot of race-driven stuff in his past (his anti-busing stance was vile) that many have forgotten about. But it’s not going to stay buried for much longer. His campaign brags about his support among black Americans, but that support may wither when his past stances on issues of race begin to be talked about in the press and by his rivals.

And when he first said those words about civility with an unforgivably racist Senator, I had a feeling his staff must have begged him not to say that. I can’t believe any halfway-competent political operative outside of the Trump campaign would approve something so tone-deaf. And if Biden is going to keep going off the reservation, which he has always had a tendency to do, his staffers better start putting out feelers now to other campaigns to stay employed, because Crazy Uncle Joe is going to implode very soon.

And now he’s being praised by the Dowager Empress of South Carolina. If Joe Biden thanks Lindsey Graham for his support while asking for an apology from Cory Booker, someone in the Democratic Party needs to kick Joe in the nuts.


Biden’s time, if it ever came, is past. He seems to have a tin ear for today’s conversations about race. If you find yourself in a place where you have to claim that you’ve never been a racist and have always been a strong supporter of civil rights, it may well be true, but you’ve lost the argument. It’s similar to his inability to understand why what he did to Anita Hill was wrong and still troubles many women, as did his insufficient explanation and half-hearted non-apology for invading women’s personal spaces by unexpected touching, hugging and kissing the top of the head. In his heart, he may be innocent as a babe, but what he says and does matters to his listeners, and he’s not getting why that should matter to him. It’s not just about him.


He’s channelling Trump: never apologize, ever! I don’t think this will work for him though.


FDR was a Harvard elite man.

His deeds made him beloved by working people

His chats to the people, although coming with a Harvard accent, complemented his deeds.


This sounds like Trump.


I’m not sure Biden is the best candidate, but what I am sure about is if Democrats keep eating their own, no matter what, we make ourselves, smaller and give Trump and his ilk headlines/fodder above the fold.

The fight is against Trump, not each other.

Those who are complaining are not the current front runners and frankly, don’t have a chance to be the front runner.

“It’s the economy, stupid!”

It’s Trump, stupid!


And yet Berniebros are already eating Warren. Under his guidance.


Bernie is not a Democrat.

Bernie is the Party of Bernie.



They are trying to eat Warren. She is on the way up and he seems to be on the way down, but we’re 18 months out.