Discussion: Bernie Sanders Asked To Stop Using American Legion Emblem On Fliers

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If they’re right, they’re right. I’m sure Bernie won’t have a problem removing it.


The American Legion has asked the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to “cease and desist” from using the organization’s emblem in campaign fliers.

First official step before the lawsuit.


Is it just me or is there a pattern emerging with the Sanders campaign?


There’s been a pattern for awhile.
And yes I’m sure he’ll denounce this, just like he denounced the BernieBros, and just like he denounced the theft of Clintons’s voting data which apparently resulted in a quick million or so for his campaign.

I guess we’ll wait to see about the falsifying newspaper endorsements and the impersonating of Union members.

If Clinton had done any of these things there’d be a feeding frenzy.

But the double-standard is…typical, where Clinton is concerned.


Ehh, we’ll see, but I do hope they sue the f-ck out of him. Finally sick of the holier than thou business.
He’s playing dirty tricks with the best of them, and now of course Bill Clinton will get slayed for having the temerity to mention it.

Wiley, the woman who’s opposing Hillary because of Bill’s fooling around is truly rich.

Just say you hate her and get on with it.


Yes. The Sanders campaign also got called out by AARP and the League of Conservation Voters for using their logos without permission.


Yes, I was being facetious a bit there because it seems his supporters are immune to the truth.
And why doesn’t he use the NRA logo, rather intentionally selective is that not?


No, of course Bernie won’t have a problem with removing the logo now that he’s sent all the letters with it, falsely implying that the American Legion has endorsed him. I wonder if he’d have a problem sending out another batch of letters that clarify the fact that the American Legion hasn’t endorsed Bernie Sanders and apologizes for trying to make it seem as though they had.


Nah. It’s just you.

No, it really is the first step. They have to send the cease and desist first. They said they orally asked twice, now they are gearing for a lawsuit.


Not just immune to the truth.

When these points are brought up they almost reflexively kick into a tirade about how untrustworthy Clinton is.

Completely unaware of the irony.


Well…hope you’re right,
Guess I’ll believe it when I see it.
I’m sure the Sanders campaign will cease/desist, he can’t be that stupid to continue.

It would be great if every org that has had their logo hijacked would get out there and yell about it, coz clearly the Clinton campaign can’t.


You would hope he would stop.

If someone jacks a logo, the TM owner has to get out there or they risk diluting it. That pretty much invalidates it more or less (I’m over simplifying, but that’s the crux).


HAhahah! Jeff you’re a hoot!

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My only question, what is he waiting for and how did the campaign decide to use it?


Zealots are like that. But it’s unsettling coming from the left.


The League of Conservation Voters issue is particularly dirty, since they actually endorsed Hillary over Bernie, which of course resulted in the normal backlash of being accused of being “establishment” from Bernie’s campaign.


I’m sure the NRA would be happy to let them use their logo.


They put in on mailings they send out, implying that the group has endorsed his campaign when they haven’t.

And while a few of us are raising concerns about the string of unethical behavior from the Sanders campaign, this one particular tactic is one they have been using for a while. This is at least the third organization they have done this with, and then there is pretending to be union leaders to convince union employers that the union have given Sanders their endorsement when they hadn’t.