Discussion: Ben Carson Endorses Donald Trump For President

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Carson finally found someone to help with his campaign debt. He was selling hard to Cruz, but Cruz wasn’t buying.

I almost hate to say it, but it looks like Trump bargained a good deal, probably getting Carson for pennies on the dollar.


Somebody calls you a “child molester” and you endorse him for President! This is mad crazy.

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Carson: Trump and I have a great deal in common. Neither of us knows anything about being President of the United States. Of course, none of the other remaining GOP candidates do either, but Trump was the highest bidder.

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I have nothing to say here, but it is one of the very few places that TPM will let me say anything, so…


The retired neurosurgeon said there are “two Donald Trumps,” the one you see on the debate stage and one that’s more “cerebral.” Carson also said we’re going to start seeing “more and more” of the latter Trump.

Is Dr. Carson aware of the fact that Trump has been in the public eye for decades, and that the “cerebral” fellow he is referring to has yet to appear?


I hate to get all tinfoil hat, but there is something kind of fishy about this endorsement.

What’s this? A LiveWire blog where comments can be posted? Holy shiite! It’s not “Gremlins” Josh. This is an ongoing problem.


“Nothing personal, it’s just business.”

i think you meant “can’t”, yes? And agreed! While you’re at it Josh, replace :heart: “likes” with Vote Up/Vote down. :smile:

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The Trump Party brain trust is truly awesome. As Neil Young once sang, Good Times are Comin’!

This is absolutely the only place I can post a comment today. The frequency of this problem is why I haven’t become a Prime member.


Vice-President Ben Carson?

I have great respect for Dr. Carson, though I didn’t think he was presidential material. Now I’ve lost that respect. What is he doing? Looking for a new job?

There’s a name for that, Dr. Ben. It’s called bi-polar.


Ah, i get it. I had tried to post to this earlier, but was denied…didn’t realize it was still broken everywhere else.

In return, The Donald will make Mental Ben, whom Trump previously has said he might use in “…some educational role” in his administration, chairman of the newly created Egyptology Dept. at Trump University:



Is this the man that became a folk hero to Evangelicals for essentially criticizing President Obama for not being a good Christian? What hypocrisy for Dr.Ben to endorse someone who until very recently never really attended Church or who trash talks almost everyone. Wonder what Evangelical leaders who look at the Evangelicals’ rank and file support for Trump with dismay will say about this? Can’t wait to find out. LOL!


I understand.

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