Discussion: Barney Frank On Biden: 'He Can't Keep His Mouth Shut Or His Hands To Himself'

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"“He can’t keep his mouth shut or his hands to himself.”

Now that’s funny, coming from Barney Frank.


lack of self-discipline

Did Mr. Biden live with a ‘working’ male hustler, Barney?


IKR? I was going to say, “dude, glass houses much?”


For the first time in recorded history, Faux Not Really News will have something nice to say about Frank. Will probably even quote him.

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Am I missing some incident that I never heard about?

Don’t care. I love me some Joe. It’s his lack of self-discipline that has him accidently speaking the truth to power more often than most of the others.


No–it’s just that Biden is effusive and hugs women and children. He talks a lot–part of his Irish heritage and he often puts his talk to great use: as when millions around the country learned the word “Malarkey” from him during his debates with Paul Ryan.

Biden is smart and he tells it like it is. I guess that sounds deadly to Barney Frank, though I can’t really fathom why.



Love Barney and love Joe but this time its Barney who should have kept his mouth shut.


Eight comments so far, and four of them bring up a story from the year 1985. That was 30 years ago, and Ronald Reagan was President of the United States. Nice display of subtle homophobia.

I supported Biden both times he ran for President (mostly bc of his vast knowledge of international politics), and I deeply regret that Barney Frank is no longer a member of Congress. Has it occurred to anyone that Frank may just have spoken analytically, and that his analysis might even be correct when it comes to what keeps Biden from becoming President?


Sadly, he ain’t wrong.


Barney was great, but he also could be the absolute worst about being a classic undercutting a Democratic president kind of Democratic congressman. More during the Clinton years less so under Obama. He was one of the first to wise up and realize the rules were changing, but it just really used to piss me off something terrible when he’d do it.

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I was answering a question not engaging in homophobia, subtle or not.

If Ted Kennedy were to have said that Boehner might want to cut back on the drinking, you can bet that Chappaquiddick would come up and that was nearly 50 years ago.


Two things Barney didn’t do

Who knows, “Joe Biden is a creepy perv” is something TPM keeps trying to push without giving any evidence whatsoever.


As much as I admire the work Barney Frank did in Congress, I wish he’d leave Joe Biden alone. Uncle Joe is fine just the way he is. I love that he doesn’t keep his mouth shut – someone has to say the things that the president can’t say. And he’s affectionate, not creepy.


Oh come on Barney, we love smokin’ hot Joe anyway.


“Don’t tell me no lies and keep your hands to yourself!”

Is Barney bucking for a spot in a Georgia Satellites tribute band or what?

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The “mouth” part I get – I don’t agree with it, but I get it. But the “hands to himself” part? From what? Kissing? Having a photo taken after a woman sat in his lap?

I’d expect that kind of critique from a right wing blog, to wit:


Some of the comments are particularly precious. Since he’s down with the premise, does Barney agree with those comments as well?

My problem with Biden is that he was a co-sponsor of the bankruptcy bill that that took away any discretion of judges for people with otherwise good credit history who met with unforeseen financial calamity like a medical crisis. Hillary Clinton was also a co-sponsor.

So for me, If Frank can’t keep his mouth shut, perhaps he should confine his jaw flapping to policy. Pointing out his hypocrisy isn’t homophobia any more than being disgusted with Likud policies is anti-Semitic.


What a crock of shit. This is not about homophobia. It about not throwing stones in a glass house.