Discussion: Anti-Trump Site Tied To Inauguration Protests Ordered To Turn In Info To DOJ

Sessions needs it to compile his perfunctory enemies list for Bumpy the Clown. Ain’t life grand these days…J. Edgar Hoover is beginning to look like he’s got nothing compared to Jeff Sessions. Took him years before he reached this point in his tenure. Sessions will show 'em what-for, by-golly.

I hope this shit gets overturned. Appeal the shit out of this, would ya?


Everybody knows free speech is only for sites inciting Nazis to burn Congregation Beth Israel in Charlottesville.


Attacking enemies and so on. Good stuff. I imagine this will be appealed.


Fascism - what fascism. Now there are good Nazis and the bad people that resist their leader in Trump.

Apparently the US Courts never rad about the rise of Hitler and how the German courts were the starting point of his rise to power.


Sometimes you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing.


Wonder if Jeffy dresses as Vivian Vance like J. Edgar used to in private in his office?


Hopefully, this dreadful order will be overturned by a higher court.


Apparently the Republicans have succeeded in packing the courts with allies interested in overturning the Constitution.


But, but, but . . . the DOJ is going to have some sort of listening session in Charlottesville. Doesn’t that show they care?

I’m getting sick and tired of making this comment, and this will be the last time. Every effin’ morning I wake up and think, “how can it possibly get worse?” And every effin’ day these incompetent, idiotic, racist charlatans make it worse.


I’d have thought in the past that something this obviously authoritarian would get shot down in the courts, but now it’s understood that to assume so would make me a proper mug. Willful stupidity rules the day. Politicians have made being creatively stupid an art form, but for fuck’s sake the courts? Have we arrived at the Calvinball Theory of Jurisprudence…?


Its only starting. He is doing a cleaning of the judiciary and now the Senate, getting only Trump brand Senators elected in 2018. Val Kyrie


If people were actively planning and encouraging violence, and then they and others carried out that violence, then going after the planners/inciters would seem justified, just as it would be if it was right-wingers engaged in planning, encouraging and carrying out violent acts.

If it’s just that these folks were involved in planning a peaceful protest, and then later some other protesters turned violent, then that’s an attempt to smear the former with the actions of the latter.

I don’t know enough about the situation to know which scenario we’re talking about here.

I would note that breaking windows, if no one is near enough to them to get hurt, would normally be considered more like vandalism than direct violence against persons. But it can still be dangerous, and perhaps there were people injured or at least endangered, I don’t know. And as far as I’m concerned arson is inherently a violent act, as fire is notorious for spreading and doing more damage than planned and can lead to injury and loss of life even if that’s not specifically intended.

So if it’s really a case of a deliberate plan to smash windows and set stuff on fire, I would want to see those folks prosecuted. There are plenty of more creative, more effective, less dangerous ways to protest. And conversely if you think taking such extreme measures is so crucial, you should be willing to explain yourself and face the consequences.

Clearly the initial request for records was ridiculously broad. I would have to know how well they’ve narrowed in on specific suspects, and what other evidence is pointing that way, to know whether I thought this narrower request is justified or not.

Unfortunately I have little faith in the Trump DOJ to investigate any of this free from political bias.


Has DoJ sought the records form the website hosting services used by Unite the Right nazis, KKK and white supremacist “protesters” one of whom murdered a woman?


As far as we know, nope. Note also that they’ve asked for all visitors (rather that IPs associated with membership or posting on the site. So Google and Yahoo will be on the enemies list, as will be a bunch of secret service and local police types.

I am pretty sure that this will be appealed, but who knows what happens then. It’s going to be pretty difficult to write an opinion that allows law enforcement to get these addresses but not every address visiting Breitbart.


This is wicked BS. The DC cops corraled(illegally?) 200 protesters dressed in black and charged them with rioting, when anybody w/ access to Youtube can see that maybe 12(?) people broke windows, lit fires, and threw rocks(and so fucking what? Are we really that suprised that people are mad about our democratic process being hacked by oil and gas billionaires and nothing done about it while our planet warms faster than predicted?) The J20 protest site provided a way for people-all people–Americans for crissake-- to access the non-violent protest training at St Stephens as well as download signs. So now what? Are they going to say if you were arrested on Inauguration Day and your IP shows up on the Protest J20 website you are guilty?!? Shame on the people who allow this shit to go on–judges and prosecutors in DC as well as those motherfucking spineless evile GOP congress fuckers! I support the Washington Peace Center and am F’n proud of the folks at St Stephens.


They are going to prosecute people based on Web site visits???
Have they even bothered to check out the KKK, white supremacist, Nazis Web sites??? Very likely not.


Actions like this are why many of us are so disgusted with people who, besides Russian interference, paved the way for Trump. I can’t tell you how many times I said “We are so fucked” when I heard that asshole won.

To those who say no difference between the two parties?

You are effing morons.


Yup. In my world view Capitalism is going to end and the GOP wants it to go out with maximum suffering for all and the Dems want it to evolve into something more inclusive and more diverse–more democratic.

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You think capitalism is going to end? hahaha.