Discussion: Anti-Islam Leader Spars With CNN Host: 'You Sound Very Islamophobic'

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Slime like Pamela Geller only exist because of provocative shock statements and the media’s willingness to give her airtime. No doubt she will fund-raise over this. Can;t anyone treat her like the clown she is?



Josh nailed it.

In 1966, Playboy sent Alex Haley to interview George Lincoln Rockwell, who Josh mentioned in his post. They didn’t tell Rockwell in advance that Haley was black. The interview was perfectly civil, except for the pistol Rockwell kept close to hand, but, well . . . this captures the tone:

ROCKWELL: Good. Just so we both know where we stand, I’d like to make some thing else crystal clear before we begin.

I’m going to be honest and direct with you. You’re here in your professional capacity; I’m here in my professional capacity. While here, you’ll be treated well – but I see you’re a black interviewer. It’s nothing personal, but I want you to understand that I don’t mix with your kind, and we call your race “niggers.”

PLAYBOY: I’ve been called “nigger” many times, Commander, but this is the first time I’m being paid for it. So you go right ahead. What have you got against us “niggers”?

ROCKWELL: I’ve got nothing against you. I just think you people would be happier back in Africa where you came from. When the pilgrims got pushed around in Europe, they didn’t have any sit-ins or crawl-ins; they got out and went to a wilderness and built a great civilization.

It says a lot that Geller does not compare favorably to an awful shitstain like Rockwell in either honesty about what she’s about or even civility.


Steve, civility and forthrightness are liberal conceits. Conservatives have advanced from position based alliances to identity-based ones. Logical consistency is too big an obstacle to stand in the way of their eternal culture wars :shit:


I love how clown conservatives think the “you’re the real racist” defense is the apex of intellectual sparing. I mean, they think this is absolutely brilliant, even though it makes no sense at all.


Has anyone ever seen her and that Talitz woman in the same room together?


Any trained debaters out there? If so what do you think?

I saw at least 5 stunts that any moderator would have corrected. The blatant ones, redirecting a question and putting words in your opponents mouth are the work of unthinking losers. Geller’s dumb and it’s time to stop acting like she isn’t.

Projection, equivocation, lying and changing position are debate losers. Geller lost 15 times or more in that exchange.


She’s a woman and a jerk but she does not deserve a remark like that.

Yeah, but the shooting…that was winning the lottery as far as she’s concerned. There’s not a single thing she could put in a business plan for her hate group that could possibly have been more profitable for it. Cha-fuckin-ching.


So sad people like her live among us. God bless her heart.

Anti-Islam activist and self-styled free speech advocate Pam Geller

Maybe she’s Ross and Monica’s cousin. Could she be any more wacked?

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Can you imagine what the RWNJs would have done if the Muslims set up an anti Christ cartoon show? RWNJs are so embarrassing. The haters make us all look like fools.


Pamela Gellar is like a selfish, self centered smoker whose discarded butt ignited a forest fire. She deserves the full measure of condescension that CNN can muster, as well as a bill for the full cost of the government containment effort.


Three people got shot with two dead all so this woman could have her 15 minutes. Don’t feel sorry about the two fools but I do feel sorry about the security guard.


Look at how they responded to that satirical TV show The Book of Daniel several years back.


You’ right…fair enough…gotta acknowledge when it crosses the line hehe

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Stupid whore.

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“Condescendidng? I thought I was being really polite. I WAS going to have THIS inset in the lower left hand corner while you were talking.”

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Can’t wait to see the “art exhibit” of Moses getting fucked up the ass by Mohammed while sucking Jesus’s cock. lol.

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