Discussion: Another Group Is Fighting ALEC's Cease And Desist Move

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Good! This group shouldn’t even be allowed to exist, let alone operate in private!

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ALEC, Kock, their is something oddly similar about these two besides their four letter names.
Why do they want to buy and subvert America so badly? They can afford to buy some other land and save money, then convert it into the 1% paradise that they seem to be all about. Is American democracy, that bewealthed them BTW, all that bad?
Anyone can have it all in America if they just let it happen. You can be religious to the bone and yet very into politics. You can be rich as a foot up a bull’s ass (Dad’s saying) and be greedy as hell or be totally generous, you can make huge fortunes and get government assistance doing it then turn around and scream bloody murder about government assistance.
Their is ample space for everyone’s happiness in this land of opportunity.


These public spats are good. People know far too little about ALEC. The more information that gets out about this destructive group, the better.


“We demand that you cease making inaccurate statements regarding ALEC, and immediately remove all false or misleading from the Working Assets and Credo Action or related websites and action pages within five business days.”

“Should you not do so, and/or continue to publish any defamatory statements, we will consider any and all necessary legal action to protect ALEC.”

Well, isn’t that interesting? Now ALEC knows what it’s like to want.


Link seems to be broken.

Is this what Prime members are paying for???

(Note: I’m not paying for it; I’ve appointed myself spokesman and advocate for my fellow TPMers who can’t control their impulse purchasing and keep throwing their money away on useless things. :))


You mean to tell me that you can send a cease and desist letter and demand people stop making false statements??

Why does the Republican Party still exist?


Or Faux News?


It was like reading an article on Scientology. Some of the same tactics used to intimidate and control. ALEC’s problems, Pense’s problems=GOP’s problems. Looks like the public has had enough of these bullies~at last.


Apt analogy.

ALEC should cease to exist.

ALEC: The type of guys who still wear spats.

Great news that ALEC is lashing out, because that in and of itself makes news and allows everyone to make a comment about a group that until the past few years was a total unknown. The more they whine, the more they are in the news - that is a win / win for small d - democracy.

EDIT: and then I had a flash thought, are Dr. Evil ( Rick Berman) and ALEC related? That answer is yes, if you count being a guest speaker at one of their confabs that is supported by Big Oil - which is also one of Bermans “clients”.

Then ALEC’s spat with liberal advocacy groups became public when those groups published cease and desist letters from ALEC.

The link in that sentence just goes to the TPM homepage.

Try this one:

ALEC should be exposed daily. Once a week all members should be listed in public forums. All congressional supporters should be exposed.


Conservatives like Ronald Reagan used to thrive on old westerns as actors, hosts and reminiscing politicians. But ALEC is very much like the cattle baron in one of those movies who comes to town and says how great it is to be free in the American West and oh by the way you have to do everything I say or I’ll sic one of my gunslingers on you.

Of course, ALEC uses lawyers instead, but is the intent any different?


I would have needed at least two other lawyers to review my work and edit out all the unnecessarily bellicose “bring it motherfuckers” sentiments had I been given the joyous opportunity of writing a response to an ALEC C&D for a client.

Next up:

ALEC will make the sun rise in the west.