Discussion: An OB/GYN's Open Letter To George Will About His Rape Column

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Thank you Dr. Gunter. George Will IS a jackass.


Since I’ve heard NO outrage from $arah Paystub or anyone from the GOTP, I’ll consider that an endorsement of Will’s sick position.


Mr. Will goes off on holiday for sixty days and returns believing this is all in the past. Let all of us don’t allow that to happen.


I have answered the phone on a mental health crisis line for over 20 years. For a long time, we also answered for the YWCA rape crisis line. Countless times I had to reassure the women, it wouldn’t be me (a male) they would be talking to, but another woman. Even then, I talked with many, many women shortly after this violation occurred. George, you have absolutely no idea what an emotional, personal violation rape is. It strikes at the very core of your being. To suggest there are all these women out there accusing innocent men is just ignorance of the highest order. Why are you still being published in a public forum.


As the father of a 20 year old college co-ed, I was disgusted with George Will’s column on rape! Utterly disgusted!

Thank you Doctor for bravely coming forward and calling him out. George Will is a complete coward…there is no way he’ll accept your invitation to job shadow at your clinic.

Here’s the other disgusting piece: The Washington Post is suppose to be one of our better newspapers. Over the last few years they have changed and shifted. The WaPo is becoming a trash paper thanks to having journalists like George Will on their corporate payroll. People should boycott the Post and all of their business interests. They are aiding and abetting George Will and his right wing extremism.


Wow… Brilliant.


Sarah Palin, Mayor, Wasilla, AK: “Buy your own damn rape-kit!”


Once the WaPo made the decision to carry the idiot babblings of Jennifer Rubin, deciding to publish Will’s ignorant, self-satisfied bile was easy.


Will is a PIG. End of story.


Was this letter published in the paper? If not, why not?


Trying to force reason, logic, compassion or humanity on a vulgar willfully delusional anachronism like George Will is pointless.

He is precisely the type of individual for whom the term ‘ugly American’ was coined.


outstanding response to a nitwit. the pity of is, people like mr. will and his cohort will never “get” it. those who already do, don’t need it.


I don’t believe in firing a writer for writing something that is stupid and offensive. But I’m going to enjoy each and every time someone points out what a lying jackass George Will is. Thank-you, Dr. Gunter.


As the father of a 20 year old college co-ed


No one calls them that anymore. Girls have been going to college for kind of a while now.

George Will needs to retire immediately.


george will is probably still a virgin.

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Oh no. Definitely keep him around - as an example.

This is the voice of ‘intellectual conservatism’, and a demonstration of just what an oxymoron that has become.


The 60 (70?) year old virgin?

I could look it up of course, but he’s really not worth the effort.

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Thank you, Dr. Gunter. George Will is a nitwit masquerading as an intellectual, a knuckle-dragging misogynist who mistakenly believes he is a courtly, civilized man.
If you have not done so yet, I hope that you will submit your letter to the Washington Post and that others who have had your experience will submit their own letters as well. An appalling percentage of our population, both female an male, have suffered sexual aggression, assault and abuse and many sustain life-long psychological scars from it. To have a lout with a megaphone like George Will minimize any aspect of the magnitude of this problem and to make it harder for victims to deal with it is reprehensible. The Washington Post has been in the gutter for long time, but their continued support for the vile George Will ought to be enough to shame even the heartless editors of the Post and the Post’s owner, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.