Discussion: 'A G6 Plus One': US Singled Out By G7 Allies Over Steel And Aluminum Tariffs

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Who thought the United States could be so reviled…and by our allies no less? I hope tRump supporters are happy with themselves when they start losing their fucking jobs to the Moron in Chief’s complete stupidity on trade. We’ve now become a pariah around the world, and all of it is completely self-inflicted harm by a Master Idiot.


No. The other countries aren’t stupid. They know what the problem is, and they are going to rap his knuckles.


Trump, as a Russian agent, is doing his job to perfection.


I hope they do more than rap his knuckles. And no, I believe other country’s leaders know exactly what they’re doing. They’re being a check on that asshole and his boneheaded policies since they know full well that his own majority party won’t do it.


In Trump’s mind we do not have allies.
We only have those who do not kiss his ass and must be crushed.
Putin said so.


You keep saying this. No one is buying it.


Long time, since I last saw a “The Rotschilds did it”-conspiracy theory…


“The fool doth think he is wise; the wise man knows himself to be a fool.” – Shakespeare


Whatever Trumpski says about this is a lie. He wants something but won’t put a name on it. A lie is not the opposite of the truth. It simply is not the truth and could be any of an infinite number of things. The truth otoh has a certain consistency to it.

So the G-6 will have to protect their own interests and regrettably let American citizens suffer for their poor choice of leaders.


My understanding is a President can impose tariffs unilaterally only in situations involving national security. As none obviously exists, what recourses are available? And to whom? Can Congress sue or any other entity to block this as it is clearly an abuse of Presidential powers.


And ironically, the US will suffer the most from a tariff war because our allies actually have competent leaders, who can actually plan past lunch. It feels very very strange to root for them over us, but our guy is a corrupt buffoon. And I’ll never support corruption…buffoonery maybe a little.


Definitely. But the executive has placed themselves above and outside us. They aren’t us. The rest of us are.


Exactly, We support sane rational leaders, regardless of their nationality. I am not so much rooting for them as for the noncorrupt, rational, sane alternative narrative.


It is noteworthy that it was the Manafort-picked Vice President who insisted on a deal-breaking, alliance-weakening NAFTA sunset clause which must have Putin celebrating. Trudeau’s revelation confirms the need for a bigger spotlight on the vice-traitor.


Well, this is it. When our former allies start to the G7 as “G6+1” publicly we’re way into the Rubicon and it will only get worse from here on out.

Even if a Democrat does get elected in 2020, how can we repair this fissure between us and our former allies? How do we convince them that the country as a whole can be trusted?


I would say it’s been far more a G6 plus one than a G7

How humiliating. So it has finally come to this. The G7 was created by the United States (originally as the Group of Five), as just another little part of our role as the leader of the Western democracies and modern economies.

In less than two years, Trump and his gang have managed to disassemble most of a century of economic and diplomatic effort.

Many family-owned and -run businesses eventually reach a point at which the founder-patriarch’s age starts to tell, and in order for the enterprise to survive, it becomes necessary to, you know, ease dad out of operational control.

So here we are, the USA as the senile head of The West, Inc. and the rest of the family reluctantly but firmly prying the pen out of his hand.

Is this great enough yet, you red-capped fuckwits?


Unfortunately, Rump’s followers are so insane that, just like they’re leader, they’ve deluded themselves to believe that our former allies will cower in fear of this country and BEG US for forgiveness. What the forgiveness entails is entirely unclear. All they know is that “an apology” should be forthcoming. After all, the world can’t get along without us, right?

Or, maybe, they’ll be forced to do just that and see what happens.

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I was a bit surprised, though pleasantly, at the harsh language Trudeau used to describe the tariffs. I think he called it “unacceptable” and “insulting”. You don’t normally hear that from one leader to another, even in the worst of relationships.


Ahhh… but now in the age of Trump anything goes.

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