Discussion: 5 Points On The Voter Fraud Cases Kris Kobach Is Prosecuting

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Voting twice is the action of a person who resolutely believes that their opinion should count double. I’d have been surprised if the three suspects were anything but Republicans.


But he justified prosecuting those cases on the grounds that even a small number of double-voters could have an impact on an election.

Uh huh. Watch how quickly these prosecutions get shut down going forward now that all [or many?] of the cases just ended up being Republicans. I doubt that’s what they want their taxpayer dollars being spent on in Kansas.

Lastly, notice that Voter ID would have stopped exactly none of them. As predicted.


There’s only one point that matters and that’s this crook is in clear violation of the 14th, 15th and 24th Amendments of the Constitution.

It’s time to use Section 2 of the 14th Amendment and strip a Representative away from Kansas to punish them for electing such a crook who denies people their right to vote.


Somewhat OT… just saw on the local news that Beth Clarkson’s lawsuit against Kobach for voter fraud is gaining traction. (She’s suing for the voting records and Kobach is refusing to turn them over.) Man, I’d love to see the entire Republican cabal in Kansas go down over this.


What! Voter fraud rampant among Republicans? Well, let’s have them bring in some ID. Perhaps copies of their stock certificates? Their membership cards from the John Birch Society? The registration from their BMWs?


Someone mentioned my hero Beth Clarkson. If Kobach is interested in Voter fraud then obviously he’s interested in vote rigging? No? That’s odd. One is retail fraud and very VERY rare and one is wholesale fraud which I think is very VERY real and common and a danger to our Democracy.

Where is Anonymous when you need them in this matter. What ever happened to their high profile in the last Presidential election where they promised to foil attempts by the GOP to rig the Ohio vote? Has any journalist tracked down a source for that claim? It would be fascinating reading.


Kansas Republicans want control over the courts. They are using funding as a cudgel. From last month’s Kansas City Star:

More state court judges are suing the state of Kansas.

The lawsuit by four Kansas district court judges challenges a law passed earlier this year. That law would stop all state funding of the state judiciary system if a court invalidated a change in the way chief district court judges are selected.

The law “significantly interferes” with the authority of the courts to hear and decide cases and violates the Kansas Constitution in several ways, the suit says.

It creates “an undue temptation for a court to reject such a challenge for fear that the entire judiciary will lose its funding,” according to the suit, which was filed last Friday in Shawnee County District Court.



Well if you look at this on it’s larger scale of course there are going to be weak prosecutions. The Voter Fraud laws have nothing to do with truing the vote. They are, as well know, a perversion of that rationale with a real intent of rigging the vote. So what’s a vote rigger to do? He has to save face some way. So this. He’ll probably get a victory in one or all of these cases. That’s all he needs. Percentages and frequencies don’t matter if your trying to fool yourself.


If their is a more intrinsically fucked up place morally,politically,socially than KS Please spare me from knowing about it…thanks


This is just the beginning…wait till the voter PURGES happen…this guy is a poster boy for VOTER SUPPRESSION…


Undoubtedly any case of ‘double dipping’ at the ballot box in Kansas will be “Born Again” Christians who feel entitled to vote twice.

Voter Suppression is the new form of Republican Democracy.

The Republican Way: "If you can’t beat em’…cheat em’!"


That’s why Republicans are always wailing about voter fraud: they are the ones committing it. They can’t win an election fair and square, so they cheat and point their fingers at the other side.


Especially being from Kansas.

So essentially, Kobach is confirming that voter fraud does exist, and its republicans perpetuating it.

Got it.


This is just pathetic. Consider the time wasted by investigators and prosecutors. Local prosecutors wisely declined to prosecute, since they must have more important matters to deal with. In addition, it would appear that at least some of these “double” voters were simply mistaken in their belief that they could vote in two different local elections–hardly the stuff of hard-core criminal activity.

I would think that most of these defendants will plead out to some sort of misdemeanor, but here’s an interesting question: If someone votes in both Kansas and Colorado, which vote is the illegal/criminal vote and which vote is legal and valid? Is there a possible defense to prosecution in Kansas that the Kansas vote is valid and it’s only the Colorado vote that is illegal?


3 documented cases of POSSIBLE double voting in a state with 2 million eligible voters. This is certainly a very poor use of the time of the state Attorney General.


I think it was Winston Churchill who once said (paraphrasing), ‘I have no problem with the fundamental idea of democracy that the vote of one idiot is the equivalent of mine, but I cannot accept the corollary that the votes of two idiots are twice as good as mine.’


Voting matters, but it doesn’t matter so much that many would go to the bother to do it twice. The same with undocumented immigrants that Republicans are so fond of citing as the reason for losing elections. Those people are here to make a new economic future for themselves, the last thing they want to do is call attention to themselves.


Helping Kansas out of it budgetary woes —


Your last sentence sums up the moral and ethical bankruptcy of the entire enterprise.

We can expect the government in Kansas to hold a press conference soon at which they will express their ‘horror’ at the ‘rampant’ election stealing in their state. Then they will introduce legislation calling for higher standards to obtain IDs, combined with a requirement that each voter provide proof (only at a polling station-never for GOP leaning absentee ballots of course!) that they have actually lived at the same residence in Kansas during the entire previous legislative term. That these moves would do nothing to stop what they are currently prosecuting will never be discussed.