Dems Decry ‘Disturbing’ Ties Between Paul Gosar Staffer And Neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes, Call For Investigation

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), co-chair of the House Latino-Jewish Congressional Caucus, has called for an investigation into TPM’s report that detailed evidence links Gosar’s digital director, Wade Searle, to Neo-Nazi leader Nick Fuentes.

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What weakass language.


Gosar is proud of his racism, always has been, and other Republicans won’t care. What will an “investigation” do except empower him to be even more smug?

Weakass language is right.


Macaca 2.0?


McQarthy isn’t going to do a darned thing about this.

I mean, after all, ANTIFA is a domestic terrorist group, not Groyper. [/s]


After we reminded Gosar that we reached out to him and his press team about this multiple times, he declined to answer questions.

The Representative then called TPM back and stated:
“Sub-creatures! Goser the Gozarian, Goser The Destructor, Vulgar Hack, The Traveller has come. Choose and perish!”


This Dem decrees that words that start with “d” desist from describing democratic decrying, disorder or disarray

It’s lazy.


“Hate and extremism have no place in government”

Especially when you take a sacred oath to preserve and protect the Constitution.

E Pluribus Unum


Anti-Semitism is on the rise in this country and has been for several years, in fact it’s likely this country has never been without it, and it’s dumb ass, ass-kissing spineless dotards like this guy who aid and abet those loathsome creatures who promote it.


Today’s rethuglican party.

ETA. Since Nixon read the Wallace playbook it’s who/what they’ve been.


What’s a little not see amongst fiends?


I wonder if this guy working for Gosar claims to be a Christian. If so then how does one hate Jews while worshiping a Jew as the Son of a Jewish God?


For his part, Gosar used the oversight hearing to question Bowser about relatively rare side effects of the COVID vaccine.

So Gosar is sitting on the Oversight Committee questioning the Mayor of DC about medical side effects of the COVID vaccine? That’s what he used his time for? To question someone who is not a doctor, nor a scientist.
If the Republican are all in a snit over crime why wouldn’t he ask about the crime rate? Could be that the vaccine made him mean and stupid, or is that a pre-existing condition in his case?


Disturbing my ass, and investigation the other cheek of my ass. Paul Gosar actively supports the neo-confedero-nazi party and everyone knows it. Not least of all the neo-confedero-nazis themselves. They love him for it! When it’s that damn obvious, then attempts to sugarcoat it with decorum just make D’s look like chicken shits.


I’ll assume that’s a rhetorical question.
But just in case it’s not, the reason is that they are hypocritical, ignorant SOB’s.


Darr they don’t see Jesus Christ as Jewish. Once he became the Christ it somehow erased that he was born of a Jewish mother. And maybe to this day Mary was nothing more than a birthing vessel.

The current crop of religious folks are not mainstream Protestant or Catholics. They’re from a new kind of religious “Karen” folk who demand that they be raptured up to Heaven where they truly belong. Heaven help the angels/St. Peter when they arrive. I’m also pretty sure the Beelzebub has his minions constructing the “Karen” level of Hell to put them some place when they’re cast out of Heaven.


Hypocrisy - the 8th deadly sin.


Biden is going to Japan and had meant to visit Australia and Papua New Guinea. But the visit has been shortened to just Japan.
This is exactly the wrong time for a foreign trip with serious economic problems in the face of the House and Senate and the Executive branch. We are on the point of default that will affect everybody in this country. Personally I may lose a third of my income if Social Security psyments are shut down. It also could affect my pension from the state of Arizona. It is utterly impossible for me to support the dolts who cannot understand we need to pay past bills. Future budget cuts are a separate matter. GET RID OF THE DEBT CEILING SHIT. It is not part of the Constitution. Just practice responsible spending like us ordinary folk have to do.


Jesus ,his mother, and dad never once rejected their faith. His desciples were Jews. It takes ignorance of one’s faith to say otherwise. Or maybe deliberate willful stupidity.


Disturbing, maybe, but not unexpected. Totally predictable, even. Frankly, I think it would been a bit shocking if he didn’t have a Nazi sympathizer on staff.