De Blasio Calls Latest Allegations Against Cuomo ‘Disqualifying’ For Governor | Talking Points Memo

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio on Thursday joined the chorus of calls condemning Gov. Andrew Cuomo amid an avalanche of scandals involving allegations of inappropriate conduct from six women and growing evidence that his office altered COVID-19 data related to nursing home deaths.

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A little early to announce your run, isn’t it Bill?


In the Dem copy of those stone tablets, the Eleventh Commandment is overridden by the Twelfth:

"Never speak ill of a fellow Democrat – unless you smell blood in the water!"


To many coincidences at a time when trump is about to be indicted in New York state. Get rid of Cuomo and trump gets a pardon. Right out of the Roger Stone playbook that was used on another New York Democratic governor.


Big tent leads to trampling incident at trough, film at 11.


De Blasio? Say no more…


It seems like every elected official in the great state of New York has chimed in on this with righteous indignation, except for one. Anyone heard from Senator Kirsten Gillibrand lately? I thought sexual abuse and harassment was something she campaigned on.

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De Blasio smells blood. The latest accusation was not named and never filed a complaint. We should wait for the investigation to be completed. How do we really know if this is true? How long will the investigation take? A month or two?


Other than Pataki, you’d have to reach back to the 60’s or early 70’s for previous NY Republican Governors. If Cuomo departs before the end of his term, wouldn’t the Lt. Governor take over, as well as stand a good chance to be elected a full term as Governor?

Not sure who would be a viable GQP candidate.


Cuomo would beat DeBlasio in a NY Democratic primary by a 2:1 margin.


What a difference thirteen years can make for tolerance it seems.

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People are being short-sighted about this. If Cuomo fails to exonerate himself (on both the nursing home issue and the sexual harassment) and resigns or is forced out, Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, takes over. But the stench of Cuomo will stick to her, and frankly, to the Democratic Party, just as the stench of Watergate stuck to Gerald Ford. Republicans will run on “it’s time for a change” and people will be willing to give them a chance.

We need to let the process play out as we did with Tara Reade last year.

I’m not saying he is innocent but Cuomo has the right to due process.

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“wouldn’t the Lt. Governor take over,”

It would seem but she’s not catching any breaks either in some corners.

A strong democrat running in NY will win in 2022. NY is a strong blue state and any Republican running will not do well. Lee Zeldin (NY-1) is interested in running. He was so far up Trump’s ass last year.

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George Pataki was not a viable candidate. Until he was. I recall a cartoon from the time: A kid asking their parent "Mom, what’s a “Pataki?”

Can we please stop hearing what de Blasio has to say about the Cuomo allegations? Who cares what he said, he swept his own administrations allegations under the rug for awhile, he should have no voice in how this is handled. First we should listen to what the women and their lawyers says and second we should listen to how Cuomo responds, and that’s it, we don’t need to hear from an opportunist like de Blasio in a matter that doesn’t concern him (if it’s not obvious, I don’t like the guy but I think my point stands that he and his opinions are irrelevant).

That was in 1994 when NY had a Republican US senator named Al Damato. We are living in different times now.

Cuomo should just pull a Republican…

Say he did nothing wrong.
Say he won’t resign but will not seek re-election.

Announce he’s running again 8 months from now that he has changed his mind because of the suffering still lingering from COVID.

Let the NY voters decide and no one else.

Of course - I’m being a little silly - but we all know many Republicans who would pull this and not bat an eyelash.

I mean shit - Roy Moore was less than a percentage point from being a US Senator.

I can’t help but think every time De Blasio weighs in, Cuomo’s chances improve.
Even if he’s guilty!