Cruz Admits It’s ‘Difficult To Imagine’ Himself Voting For S1 Even If GOP Amendments Adopted

About two hours into Tuesday’s Senate Rules Committee hearing on the For The People Act, the soft spoken Sen. Angus King (I-ME) broke the long streak of members using their minutes for mini-monologues. 

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I’m SHOCKED! I tell you.


Cancun Cruz Candor ?



Personally, I don’t find it “difficult to imagine” Rafael voting for S1. I find “totally fucking impossible.” Cancun Cruz voting to help people vote? Ain’t gonna happen. Ever.

[Corrected the spelling of the Cancun Toon’s first name. h/t @Tena]


I hope that someone in the Democratic caucus is compiling all of these data points for Sinema and Manchin – there is no negotiating in good faith with the GQP. In the end, you might as well make sure that whatever is being voted (and passed) by Democrats reflects the values of the party and not some sop to people who (when given the opportunity) would not even ask your permission to pass their agenda.


And I find it difficult to imagine that Ted Cruz actually knows his ass from a hole in the ground…


Trying to get bipartisan agreement on a bill that protects democracy when half of the participants are anti-democracy is like trying to nail a Jello mold to the wall.


And…Dems must hammer the fact that Goopers do not give a fig for ordinary people. My parents and – indirectly – me, were saved by FDR.
They knew that repubs would not pass SS or Medicare and hated them for it 'til the day they died.


For the People Act would transform our democracy by making it fairer, stronger, and more inclusive.

If it is “For the People” that’s enough for Ted, he is automatically against it.



Cruz simply would not support the idea of making it a high priority for every - absolutely every- single eligible voter to be able to easily vote … and to do so in a convenient manner and without arduous politically motivated - manipulative & discriminating obstacles.
Not a joke … Cruz opposes this.

Let me add … yes, it may seem odd to think that anybody would think this… but … people like Cruz see it as a giant competition …getting your people to the polls is like playing offense … like trying to score a goal.
… so they also look at thwarting the opposition’s attempt to vote as being like “playing defense” … just “protecting their own goal”

Truly demented & sick!


…and yet it is somehow always a surprise when it turns out these pricks are negotiating in bad faith.



Proudly introducing forty-six bad-faith amendments whose intent is to transform “For the People” into “Fuck the People”.


They must know it’s going to pass, and they’re doing all they can to try to scare Manchin from taking the plunge. I don’t think it’s gonna work.


He’s never done one goddamn thing for anyone, constituents or voters - nobody. Just what he can do for Rafael.


My mom, who grew up in the depression, was forced to work in menial jobs her whole life because she did not have any kind of formal education - despite being a very intelligent person. If it weren’t for SS and Medicare, she would have died in the worst kind of abject poverty without medical care.

I often apply the “mom” standard to legislation and political commentary - would this have helped my mom? It makes it extremely easy to pick through mountains of absolute bullshit.

People from my mom’s generation knew that the Republicans were only for big business and the rich and didn’t give a fuck about people like her. That tribal wisdom seems to have gotten lost for a lot of folks who should be voting Democrat without even thinking about it.

ETA: To this day, when I see someone being rude to a waitress (or any other service people) or leaving a shitty tip, I feel a compulsion to grab them and shake them.


This is the essential truth of the polarization of American politics. People believe they need to vote for the person who will best represent them instead of the person who will best represent all Americans. The deep tragedy of Republican voters is that they can’t even understand they’re failing at both.


Dibs on the fainting couch!

Cruz is a craven motherfucker who does nothing in good faith. Will Manchin and Sinema continue to lend their support to his fuckery? Probably.


From personal, professional interaction with the man, I can assure you that Ted Cruz is plenty smart. He’s also every bit the asshole in real life that he now plays on TV.


Dave Barry once wrote: “A person who is nice to you, and rude to the waiter, is not a nice person.”

(And also an idiot. Never piss off the people who handle your food.)