Conservative Supreme Court Justices Attack Roe Head-On

Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban wasn’t on trial Wednesday. Roe v. Wade was.

The state was candid, with Mississippi Solicitor General Scott Stewart goading the majority-conservative Supreme Court to not just scooch up the viability line from around 24 weeks to 15, but to overturn Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood altogether. 

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Did I mention…


So Constitutional rights do not matter anymore…


Hey SusieQ, I guess Kav lied to you, huh. And I suspect you knew he was lying, but it gave you an excuse to vote to confirm. You’re disgusting!


The Court no longer has any legitimacy and therefore the entire Constitutional scheme is dead. The nation is now unraveled. War is going to be the only solution. Mark it.


If they overturn Roe? Any one person who needs a kidney or bone marrow transplant should start forcing conservatives to give them up. It is, after all, using their conservative bodies to sustain someone else’s life without their consent. Coney-Barrett’s assumption that safe harbor laws should protect women who don’t want to keep an infant completely erase the personhood of the woman for the nine months preceding the birth where she is held hostage by a parasite and could suffer severe complications during pregnancy or the birth itself. And I say this as a woman who has given birth twice and had one pregnancy loss. Pregnancy and parenthood are no joke and I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to do it against their will.


The media will move on to other things. Very sad.


Fine. Having only nine Justices is also based on Precedent.


It’s bad enough that they’re on the wrong side of history and misogynists, but then there’s the extra pain induced by their absolutely idiotic legal reasoning. Thomas and “I like beer” are an embarrassment to the entire legal profession.


Conventionally conservative women in this country had better wake up.

Oops. Too late.



Christ Almighty! Pack the fucking court, end the filibuster, and get something done Democrats!

I’ve voted D since senile Reagan. If they can’t manage to figure out how to get shit passed while controlling the White House and both houses of Congress, I’m just done. They’re useless.


Or, the states become more and more socially and demographically insular and all just aimlessly drift apart as the whole idea of federalism becomes as extinct as the passenger pigeon or the ivory-billed woodpecker. I sense big “ends with a whimper” energy in the future


According to Thomas and Kavanaugh, it isn’t actually mentioned in the Constitution, therefore it doesn’t count.

Justice Clarence Thomas repeatedly tried to muddy the waters on where the basis of Roe ’s protections come from, intimating that its lack of enumeration in the Constitution invalidates abortion access as a right.

“What is confusing is that if we were talking about the 2nd Amendment, I know exactly what we’re talking about, if we’re talking about 4th Amendment, I know what we’re talking about because it’s written there,” he said.

Kavanaugh too gravitated towards the suppposed silence of the constitution, regurgitating the state’s arguments that “the constitution is neither pro-life nor pro-choice on the question of abortion” and leaves the decision up to the people.


Careful what you wish for, R’s.

You’ve been dangling this sweet carrot over the salivating mouths of Conservative Christians for many decades now, but never coming through for them. Always kicking it down the road. Knowing that you will forever be able to fundraise on the abortion issue…

If you do away with legal, safe, affordable abortions, you will be lighting one hell of a fire under the asses of most of female America,…you really ready for that?

Talk about blowback!


“Kavanaugh and Barrett teamed up at different points throughout the oral arguments to say that actually, overturning precedent is a good thing! They pointed to cases like Plessy , which upheld state-sanctioned segregation.”
… … … …
Not only will Roe v Wade die but we get segregation back as a side gift???


ANYONE that thought these conservative justices would do anything other than this is a fool. YES…they lied when they were interviewed by the Senate and they lied for a shared purpose: To get on the Court to do this.
Roe is gone. It was gone when the MSM flooded the zone with “what about her emails” and “Benghazi” and anything else they could trash mouth to harm HRC. So when they start “reporting” on how unprecedented it is for a SCOTUS to overturn precedent ( particularly after feigning concern for doing so in confirmation hearings ) crying bullshit is in order.

And these fucking holy rollers are just getting started.


Stench. Good one Sonya. Pretty much describes the entire GOP since Reagan.


As will voters

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Kav did not do his homework, as usual. And we now know why Thomas never asked questions in court…the man is so freaking stupid he cannot put a cogent question together!
Embarrassing is putting it way too mildly.


Well, during the 2020 campaign, McTurtle and the other GQP regulars tsk-tsked the “long standing tradition” of nine justices when folks asked Biden what his stance was on adding to the size of the court (which will be what the MSM focuses on, instead of the bad-faith, obstructionist and, often, illegal tactics of the Republican party), so we’ve go that going for us…

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