Coke CEO Joins Chorus Of Corporations Condemning New Georgia Voting Law | Talking Points Memo

The floodgates have opened.

Coca-Cola CEO James Quincy on Wednesday added the company to a growing list of corporations with Georgia ties coming out against the state’s new restrictive voting overhaul law.

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Bitches, condemn the shit loudly and firmly BEFORE it’s a law you assholes.


Cross-posted from an AJC article.

Not that I trust Kemp to ever speak the truth, but:

Kemp said he was blindsided by Delta’s position, saying that at “no point” did the airline raise objections with his office about some of the controversial provisions in the measure before he signed it into law.

Kemp and other GOP leaders say they were caught off guard by the opposition, and some talked of punishing the airline during the final, frenzied day of the legislative session on Wednesday.


Prove it. Give every employee in GA a full day off, paid, to vote. Donate a not-small percentage of your profits to get out the vote and voter protection efforts. Put up billboards and run prime-time ads calling out the GOP and promoting voter rights and access.

Condemnation means shit to actually doing something and they don’t need to wait to do something.


Well, sure Coca-Cola is condemning it – how dare they make it illegal to offer somebody a Coke when they’re standing in a long voting line on a hot day???


To be honest. what’s to say they kept their counsel because they were afraid of financial retribution in the form of higher business taxes that could’ve been levied? Their silence on this topic has been bought. It’s why they’ve said nothing until now. Bet on it.

ETA: I am only questioning and not complaining, but did we really need six individual stories on the Matt Gaetz story from 17 hours ago until now? What happened to updating the original story, which TPM frequently does?

Must be a slow news day.


Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t. But he definitely was not blindsided by the facts of this law — he was enamored of them, and still is.


Actions speak louder than words, ball is on your side of the court, dude.


Agreed, and doubt he is being completely honest about this either, but am quite willing to concede Kemp heard little complaint from his corporate sponsors until the blowback got serious. That he would have been surprised at that much less ‘blindsided’ is a stretch since he lives in the world of public opinion even more than they.


Good for Coke, now where are the Kochs? They’re usually at the root of any voting related problem.


He is otherwise engaged (remember, one of the brothers died something like last year):

Koch Operatives’ Phone Call on HR 1 Leaked to Jane Mayer at ‘The New Yorker’ (

Inside the Koch-Backed Effort to Block the Largest Election-Reform Bill in Half a Century | The New Yorker


Probably work performance objectives include X number of stories, so easier to hit the mark with multiple related ones than editing a previous one.



Here is where 1 is…he has no comment
Billionaire conservative icon David Koch has died at age 79, his older brother Charles Koch said in a statement Friday. The New York resident was suffering from deteriorating health as of late, according to a letter Charles Koch sent last summer to officials with their company, Koch Industries. Aug 23 2019

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I am not a fan of corporations weighing in prior to legislation
That’s what smoke filled the back rooms are for
however in this case I’ll make an exception.


And @castor_troy, there are other things going on, though. They could’ve met that story count objective. There’s nothing on here other than that story. It’s big but it’s not all that’s going on.


True, but not a single Cuomo story, an acceptable trade-off to me.



Add on to Delta. That’s nice boys now tell us there will be no contributions to the rethug party for the next two election cycles. Money and mouth should coordinate.


Ya know, when North Carolina passed an anti-LGBT law, one of the big porn sites, xhamster, I think, said “that’s it, you’re cut off”. And they did: they blocked every identifiable IP address in NC. If you lived in NC, no porn for you.

Now granted, soft drink syrup isn’t as important as porn, but Coca-Cola could do the same, or at least announce no GA delivery contracts will be renewed until the law is struck.


True, but as long as they’re getting clicks and comments, they’re happy

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