Capitol Security Leaders Provide First Testimony On Events Of Jan. 6

Today for the first time, current leaders of the relevant law enforcement entities — the Capitol police, sergeant at arms — will come before Congress to answer questions on the January 6 attack.

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“Ranking member Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-WA) echoed Ryan’s emphasis, saying that she doesn’t like the fencing up around the Capitol that makes the “seat of democracy look like a military base.””

The fencing was installed due to an INSURRECTION that occurred on January 6, 2021.



As I look at the attacks on Capitol police officers one things becomes clearer and clearer, the “Blue Lives Matter,” “Law and Order” GOP community don’t believe in actual law enforcement and actual equal protection under the law. The believe that the police are their adjuncts. No wonder they attacked the officers when police actually tried to enforce the laws against the insurrectionists. You can also observe a very different response by the insurrectionists to the officers who did act as their adjuncts, selfies with big grins etc.

What I think is eluding a lot of police departments around the nation is that blacks, latinx, LBGQT, and garden variety liberals see that too many officers are behaving as adjuncts to the white paramilitaries. I think most people probably do believe that there are just “a few bad apples,” but acknowledging that doesn’t solve the problem when the response is to throw up your hands and do nothing. The failure to pursue the bad apples tells people that the whole system is corrupt enough to prevent it’s being cleaned up, or that the bad apples are in charge and the whole system is going to get worse.



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And if that idea would just get out there into the mainstream the same way the nonsense about ANTIFA running the 6 January riot has, the entire narrative would change.

But no one will do it. Cowards, all of them.


I’m sure the military base under attack fences will be removed when badly needed new protection remedies are implemented. One of those remedies involves reaming the mango driven rioters and their enablers.


Gotta get past 4 March before they go home. That’s the next attack planned as I understand it.


Pittman backed up Sund’s account, saying that he first called Irving to request National Guard’s help at 1:05 p.m. Irving has said that he has no phone records indicating a call before 1:28 p.m. — the time stamp Pittman said accompanied the second call Sund made to Irving, repeating his request for backup.

Pittman said they spoke again three more times in the next 20 minutes or so.

Glad they followed up on this. Irving doesn’t have a very good memory. I’m sure he could have gotten a call log.


Out of curiosity…why have we not hear a shitload about the order refusing to let the police and NG do…basically anything during all of this?


I think this is VERY important…


Pittman’s statement notes that she is in charge of the Intel division, and she says that they made four “special assessments” made about Jan. 6th. But the last one was the Jan 3 report i.e. the one that talked about mob violence, not just organized violence.

And her opening statement makes no mention of the Jan 4 “intelligence report” that Sund consistently referred to that said the threat posed by various groups was any thing from “remote” to “inconsequential”.

In other words, this sounds like the Jan 4 report was not something that the Intel division normally would put out.

ON EDIT: I looked into it further. The Jan 4 report was a “Daily Intelligence Report” – just an update, and not the kind of “analysis” that was included in the Jan 3 report. The fact that Sund place so much emphasis on what was basically an update, and distorted/downplayed the Jan 3 report, is most telling.


“A few bad apples” spoil the whole barrel.

Cops tend to forget the last part of the saying.


my thoughts as well `

O/T probably would not live throught it anyway

No CPAC invitation for Mitch McConnell. ‘Next year would be a better year.’

McConnell not invited to this year’s CPAC conference | Lexington Herald Leader (
Dang we will all be missing this


Looks like something he found in his driveway that he’s not sure how to dispose of.


They’re not sending their best and brightest to man the barricades.


Why is that asshole wearing a Sox hat. I’m sure he’s a Yankees fan.

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