Capitol Police Investigating Report That GOP Rep. Tried To Bring Gun To House Floor

The U.S. Capitol Police have opened an investigation into Rep. Andy Harris’ (R-MD) reported attempt to bring a firearm into the House chamber before he set off the metal detectors at the entrance on Thursday.

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An average person does this and loses their job.


“As a matter of public record, he has a Maryland Handgun Permit,” Shuy said.

Republicans have a problem noticing they crossed over to a different jurisdiction apparently. Maryland is right next to DC and the Capitol building, but different local laws and requirements. So, he might not have only broken the Capitol building rules but DC laws too.

But totally makes sense in the context of Republicans understanding of government generally, which apparently is very little.

Edit, from Google search:
Washington, D.C. is a shall-issue district with concealed weapons permits issued by D.C. Metropolitan Police. All firearms must be registered, and this process acts as a permit to purchase. Individuals cannot possess ammunition without a valid registration of a firearm. Open carry is illegal in D.C.


Chief of staff says “his and his family’s lives have been threatened by someone who has been released awaiting trial.”

Question: Is that threatening person within the House chamber?


My first thought
Try that shit at a TSA checkpoint and let me know how it works out for you


There was also a report yesterday that he tried to hand the gun over to a colleague that had already gone through the metal detector. The colleague (don’t remember his name) said he didn’t have a license to carry.
Quotes from WaPo
A HuffPost congressional reporter who witnessed part of the incident, Matt Fuller, reported that Harris lingered near the elevators after security turned him away. He then tried to ask another lawmaker, Rep. John Katko (R-N.Y.) to take the gun for him.

Katko refused, Fuller reported, saying that he did not have “a license.” Harris then left the area and returned several minutes later, successfully going through the magnetometer and proceeding onto the House floor.


Not any more.


If anyone needs a gun in the House chamber it would be the Democrats.
The Repubs just have their friends storm the House looking to kill Nancy Pelosi.


I won’t bother to point out what the chief of staff didn’t say. I’m even sympathetic if he’s been threatened. But JFC this gun thing is out of control. They’re obsessed with it. It broke free of policy long ago and now they’re just vying with each other to show who loves guns the most. Shaking my damn head.


How long before David Hogg is ready to run and get elected to Congress, so this whole gun-rights bullshit can get throttled and thrashed once and for all?


It’s the whole gun culture. Fictional agent Quiller (, a member of an MI6-type organization, never carried a gun on his missions. He reasoned that 1. The gun would mark you as an operative, and 2. It was useless because the chances are you wouldn’t be able to use it when you really needed it. He considered guns to be just a kind of security blanket for insecure operatives.


So, he was carrying it THROUGH the metal-detector, but then he was going to drop it off…where?


Prior to Jan 6 I would have viewed the fear that QRepubs might be trying to bring guns to the house in order to literally assassinate certain Dems (and perhaps Repubs) as a wild CT not worthy of a response. Now I’m not so sure. Cultish zealots are known to be willing to risk their own near-certain death, either on the spot or via the death penalty, or life in prison, to further “the cause”. And QATrump is definitely such a cause for many. I don’t think it’s worth taking a chance on, and I think that all of them merit very close scrutiny by the FBI and others to see what they and their cohorts are up to. Something’s going on here and it’s not good. They haven’t given up. They’re just regrouping and aiming for another attack.


You’d think they were compensating for something.


I was going to write a paragraphs long screed about numerous checkpoints, armed snipers posted everywhere, bulletproof vests required, etc, OR just make the guns illegal but I don’t have the energy for that.


Have you read Andy Harris’ new book ‘The Rise of Unity and The Audacity of Peer Intimidation’? No? Neither have I.


Waiting for one of them to say their gun is needed as part of the Speech and Debate clause.


An average person doesn’t do this. Or a normal one. These folks ain’t right.


Either: Follow the law. Or, hire personal security for you and your fam. Or, resign from politics.

This is where R policies and figments have landed us-- and them.


the Congressman never confirms whether he nor anyone else he’s with are carrying a firearm for self-defense

You and I have no right to know when we, or our family members, are in proximity to a lethal device.

The Congressman does. All lives don’t matter.