Calls Grow For Biden To Cut Off Trump’s Intel Briefings When POTUS’ Term Ends | Talking Points Memo

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Sen. Angus King (I-ME) — who sit on the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, respectively — on Sunday urged President-elect Joe Biden to prohibit outgoing President Trump from receiving intelligence briefings upon becoming a private citizen. Schiff and King’s calls for Biden come less than a week after the House voted to impeach Trump for the second time for “incitement of insurrection.”

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Just the beginning of ending any information or funds for Trump.

And, then the residents of Mar-a-Lago should run him off.

I’m sure Putin can find him a suitable home.


Doesn’t take a genius to see that he can’t be trusted with anything. Much less national security information.


Or, the obvious alternative, don’t cut him off, but feed him only misinformation, to see how much he leaks and to feed his Russian and Nambian contacts misinformation that could benefit the US.


trump would sell intel. I can just hear “I’ve got this thing and it’s fucking golden”


Better plan would be to keep feeding him intelligence briefings, but with fake items.

Then tap his phones and arrest him for treason when he tries to give it to putin.

I see @kovie just beat me to it.


This is not a case of bipartisanship versus vengeance. This is real-world, common sense: Trump cannot be trusted.


I would have thought this would fall under the heading of ‘Well, Duh!’ I’m hopeful President Biden doesn’t need to be told this guy is an enormous security risk and needs to be sealed off from future intelligence. Let Putin work for his briefings going forward.


No, he’d have Don, Jr. or Ivanka or Giuliani do the selling, then claim he didn’t know anything about it.


It does appear he is going to need much money and knowing he will sell our Country to the highest bidder don’t give him anything.


TPM, you had me at Calls Grow For Biden To Cut Off Trump’s_____________


There was a TV Show in the 1950s called “I Led Three Lives”.

  • Ordinary citizen
  • Spy for the Enemy
  • Counterspy giving phony intel (on behalf of the U.S) against the Enemy

Not only is this an absolute no-brainer, but why should a President who wouldn’t read his PDBs while in office receive any briefings afterwards?

I assume the reason former Presidents receive intelligence is because they could potentially be a vital asset for the sitting President. I can’t think of a single scenario where Biden picks up the phone to pick Trump’s mushy brain.

ETA. Has a thorough counterintelligence investigation into Trump’s ties and dependencies on Russia even been done?


I’m not sure why this even needs to be called for. I mean, does anyone really think Biden and Harris couldn’t figure that out themselves? Of course Trump’s intelligence briefings will be cut off. He’s a walking, and more importantly, endlessly talking, security risk. The man will just not ever shut up - unless you ask him to disavow white supremacists.

Instead of making an issue of it though, they should just wait and see if Trump ever even requests a briefing. It’s not like he paid much attention to them during his presidency. And if he does, then they can either quietly tell Trump he’s not getting any, or they can send a briefer who doesn’t like Trump (shouldn’t be too hard to find) and who will enjoy whipping Trump into a frustrated frothing rage by consistently answering all of his question with, “I’m so sorry, sir, but you’re no longer cleared to receive that information. You’re considered far too much of a security risk to be trusted with that information. Or any information really.”


Oh, hell yeah : ))
Place some malware in his briefings that will create an opening into Putin’s data. Then find the pee tapes, and the nuke codes Shitler already sent along.


“This will be your tour guide, comrade. He is Edward Snowden.”


Dude needs everything cut off!

And E. Jean Carroll should get to use the scissors!


" Cut Off Trump’s Intel Briefings"

The MSM had us believe that Trump wasn’t interested in these briefings while President.


“What was that thing you told Mohammed bin Salman about, again? I meant to write it down …”


I didn’t just beat you to it. I implanted it inside your head with my mind control rays (which is a military secret so don’t tell anyone except 'Lil Donnie).