Big Lie-Pilled Officials Are Now In Charge Of Election Admin In Counties Across The U.S.

Paul Weyrich is considered the father of modern Republican conservatism, which paved the way to contemporary voter suppression efforts by Republicans.

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just flat out acknowledges the desire to minimize voter participation.

not what most would call “American” not the spirit of democracy - but heck - they don’t want that - they real do want an oligarchy

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But not just ant oligarchy (government by the few), but a plutocracy (government of, by and for the wealthy and corporate interests.)

“Big lie-pilled officials”
Is the “big lie” now a pill? Like Ivermectin? Or is an official the pill?
I’m confused

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Used to be conservstives were all in for small governmrnt… one ya could drown in a bathtub. Now it’s the exact opposite…


I think it will be a mixed bag. IOW, some of these people are purposely infecting the system but some are probably just gullible and may change their thinking after they see how things actually work. There was a story a couple of months ago about a legislator who got elected on her anti-woke school agenda, only to find that agenda didn’t actually exist.

Unfortunately, I suspect the ratio tilts greatly toward agenda driven assholes who know they’ve been lying.

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I’m pretty sure the phrase “big lie-pilled” is an extension of the concept “red-pilled” (and “blue-pilled”).

Those phrases get used by certain internet communities that are loosely adjacent to the modern incel community. These communities are concerned with what they call “the sexual marketplace,” which they believe operates according to secret rules. I won’t summarize their beliefs here, but IIRC, in their view, a person becomes “red-pilled” when they finally recognize the “truth” of how romantic life works, whereas being “blue-pilled” is to refuse to accept the “truth.”

Those phrases in turn are derived from the famous scene in The Matrix where Morpheus offers Neo a choice: swallow the red pill and learn the truth about the matrix and the world, or swallow the blue pill and return to a life of blissful ignorance.

Wikipedia summarizes it well:

The red pill and blue pill are metaphorical terms representing a choice between learning an unsettling or life-changing truth by taking the “red pill” or remaining in the contented experience of ordinary reality with the “blue pill”.

Thus: labeling these people as “big lie-pilled” is to assert that each of them has made a conscious choice (aka taking a pill) to throw in with the Big Lie.