Biden’s Presidency Faces Early Defining Moment In GA Runoffs | Talking Points Memo

ATLANTA (AP) — Usually it’s a president’s first midterm election that reorders a White House’s political approach and priorities. For President-elect Joe Biden, his most defining congressional election is coming before he takes office.

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Even if Ossoff and Warnock win, keeping Manchin as a Democrat will be very difficult. The Republicans will bribe and threaten him with everything.


And in the meantime Trump is helpfully calling the process “unconstitutional” and “illegal” because McConnell is trying to pull his bleeding but still-alive majority into the lifeboat as a bull shark named Biden swims away with the presidency in its massive jaws. At this moment only Trump could hurt the Republicans this much, and purely out of infantile spite. You built that, you cowardly punks. Sad! But very, very funny.


Regardless of the Georgia Senate races, it’s time for all Republicans in the Senate who deplore the end-stage Trump antics and baseless challenges to the election results to put their money where their mouths have gone – and declare themselves Democrats. Take the gavel out of Mitch McConnell’s hands.

This actually happened in the first year of the Bush, Junior administration, when one Senator was so disgusted by the overreach, cruelty, and insanity of the new administration, which had total control of House, Senate, and White House, that he left the Republican Party, caucused with the Democrats, and gave control of the Senate to a Democratic leader.

I think that was Jim Jeffords, but maybe I ought to check wikipedia…


I can’t imagine the most likely person to do that–Romney–actually doing it. Maybe a couple of the less prominent people have considered it during some sleepless night. Just isn’t likely right now. :frowning_face:


They have already chosen their side when they opposed Trump’s impeachment conviction in the Senate (with the exception of Romney). If they couldn’t do the right thing then, don’t expect the to do the right thing now.


Meh. People are capable of learning from their mistakes. Successful politicians know that any political party or movement is comprised of individuals. They may, at times, practice group-think, but they still remain individuals. And individuals can be moved.


Yes… with 3 days to go , this will get weird!


I’m reminded of Copley’s Watson and the Shark.
Could use a few Photoshop face lifts.




With a friend (Trump) like that who needs enemies.


With AK adopting a new election process moving forward, there Murkowski needs to think strategically and vote tactically moving forward. There is a chance that she signs-on to a few things to hold the centre together.

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He may realize that even with a rally in Georgia , they may well lose those Senate seats. The early voting numbers are encouraging for Dems and sobering for GOPers who understand basic mathematics, and some aide may have had to explain this to him. He may cancel the rally. His ego can’t take another personal loss.


I assume there are trump cultists who are dumb enough to believe his nonsense. I just don’t know what his angle is here, other than to make another whiny excuse for why he lost in GA in November.


But the Georgia Senate Races (along with the sun, elm trees, a deck of playing cards and living room chairs) are real… :thinking:


How can a presidency face a defining moment before it’s even begun? Seriously, can we just tone it down a little?

EDIT: Wouldn’t this be more of a defining moment in Trump’s presidency? Or was that the election? Because guess what? The election was a defining moment in Biden’s presidency too then :grin:


There will be this big idea that the pResident Reject’s supporters are a bunch of criminal supporters as LOTUS faces many criminal and civil charges after he loses the protection of the office and Putin. How well the Biden Administration plays up this big ugly hammer of an idea will matter. As The Damn Fool’s popularity falls, his former supporters will scurry away and perhaps cast a few constructive votes with the Democrats to cover their deplorable pasts.


So he is going to Dalton, Georgia to “rally” a strident crowd of fully committed (& already made up their minds) MAGA freaks … to what end?
And after repeatedly slaming this election as fraudlent and “illegal” … he will tell the crowd to …? Go vote anyway?
Go set their town hall on fire and burn the results? What?


I am quite sure that Uncle Joe has spoken, is speaking, will speak to Manchin…


True. Quite true. But sorry, in general life is just not all that Capraesque. Not even Capra’s films are entirely Capraesque. There’s more despair and cynicism there than people want to acknowledge, and those happy endings aren’t typical in real life. Team Good Guys has a long, hard fight in front of it. I won’t live to see it won definitively. Just occasional battles along the way, and some lost too. Sorry again. I’ve decided to deal with it, myself.