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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden echoed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in criticizing President Trump by accusing him of “trying to throw out the Affordable Care Act” with his rushed nomination of conservative Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, during a campaign event on Sunday.

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[“The American people understand the urgency of this moment,” Biden said. “They’re already voting in droves because they know their health care hangs in the balance.”]

Voting in Droves…

I like that :sunglasses:


I like the Ted Cruz maxim: “Democrats will crawl over broken glass to vote against Trump.”


Daniel Dale


After accusing Biden of being on drugs and Bloomberg of bribery, calling for the impeachment of a senator, repeating his usual vague insinuations about ballots and his usual vague promise of an Obamacare replacement, Trump has arrived at his golf club.

There’s something very wrong with the Republican Party.

As someone with family members who have pre-existing conditions, this resonates strongly with me.

I was already voting for Joe, but framing things this way may solidify whatever Trump Dems from 2016 and independents might still be on the fence.


Focus on this. Focus on how Trump is putting in a judge that will overturn the ACA, especially pre-existing conditions.


In the middle of the worst pandemic–COVID–in the nation’s history
In the midst of a severe depression
In the midst of a criminal Federal Response
In the midst of the second surge of COVID

I’ve just laid out four of the many Debate haymakers Biden is going land on Trump


Trump boasted in a tweet that the Affordable Care Act “will be replaced with a MUCH better, and FAR cheaper alternative…”

“…for insurance companies.”

(“And for the billionaires whose taxes we’re gonna slash. Again.”)


You tell 'me Joe!

The only chance to save Obamacare may rest in the wisdom of Finley Peter Dunne’s Mr. Dooley: “Whether or not the Constitution follows the flag, the Supreme Court follows th’ illiction returns.” [Hokey Irish accent in original.]

A Democratic landslide might–might–affect how the case comes out. For one thing, the justices might consider whether overturning ACA in the face of the pandemic will lead to expanding the number of justices on the court.


Good work Joe. Abortion just feeds into the RW narrative they want to use for this nomination. If the debate is about healthcare and the idea of millions of people losing their health insurance protections, it’ll be a winner just like it was for the House Democrats in 2018.

Nobody wants to imagine the horror of losing their health insurance right now. Even GOP voters know that Trump doesn’t have a healthcare plan and isn’t going to reveal anything substantive. And there’s no chance health insurance companies aren’t going to call COVID-19 a pre-existing condition. Throw it in the GOP’s face that they’re rushing to confirm someone so that they can take away healthcare and Medicaid to millions of people during one of the worst pandemics in the last century. The GOP could even get cold feet if they start seeing their poll numbers drop significantly.


Joe. Throwing down. The first words out of his mouth on Tuesday should be “200000 American lives lost because of this man’s cruelty and indifference.”


One thing that would be helpful is a point to point description of what is lost and force the republicans to defend what they intend to replace it with. All I have seen are very thin generalities.


Go get him, Joe!! Mess him up!

The only thing you have to do to destroy him is tell the truth as often as he lies.


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Not only will we crawl over broken glass to vote for Joe

We’ll gladly walk barefoot over 5 miles of Lego blocks to get to the ballot box for Joe.

So do keep sniffing Trump’s jockstrap, Rafael Cruz!


There is a reaction coming to all of this. It starts on November 3. The GOP is what I call a fair-weather group of opponents. We have been honorable with them. Therefore they are used to little or no consequences for their actions.

We, on the other hand, have been hit by every political malpractice known to America…and we have had to suffer consequences for trying to govern in a cooperative fashion.

We are tougher than they are. And that is why I get incensed with self-handicappers on our side.

This is a simple task: Everybody votes. Everybody. Everybody who is not a Trumper resolves to take the necessary time and trouble to vote. Everybody votes for Dems they have not fallen in love with. Everybody votes for Dems they may disagree with.

Everybody Votes.


Dunno why you’d need Biden coverage. He stopped being VP in 2017, is likely in retirement somewhere.

Why, is he up to something that TPM should be covering?


As tempting it is to attack Barrett’s religious extremism, it’s better to go after her well known public desire to strip over 20 million of health insurance, eliminate Roe v Wade, and let corporate money run the country for decades to come.

The only personal attack on Barrett is to question why she is taking this nomination during voting, and by a man who brags she is his “ringer” to let him steal the election.


I’d say that’s a bang on identification of who the beneficiaries Donnie invariably elides are.


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