Biden Issues Dire Warning About Threat Posed By MAGA Extremists

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Yesterday, the world recoiled in horror as a nightmarish revelation tore through the fabric of political reality, exposing a sinister empire led not by a president but by a criminal mastermind known as “President Joe Biden.”

The shroud of secrecy surrounding this malevolent cabal was peeled back by four courageous fact witnesses who dared to speak the truth. What they unveiled was a chilling conspiracy of global proportions. In the shadows, a doddering “President in Name Only” (PINO) Biden sits atop this web of deceit, orchestrating a criminal network with insatiable global ambitions.

This nefarious syndicate has amassed untold wealth and resources, siphoning them from unsuspecting nations like China, Russia, Ukraine, and Romania. The puppeteer pulling the strings in this dark drama was none other than Hunter Biden, who serves as his father’s bagman, facilitating the flow of ill-gotten gains.

But the horrors don’t end there. The Impeachment committee stumbled upon an even more sinister revelation that plunged the depths of malevolence. It appears that PINO Biden, under the guise of promoting renewable energy sources like solar and windmills, was secretly orchestrating the mass murder of innocent birds and majestic whales. These acts of environmental devastation served as a smokescreen for his true intentions which are yet to be uncovered by the committee.

And then there is Hunter Biden, a man with prosthetic metal hands, a chilling testament to a life tainted by crack addiction and illegal gun ownership. He is, literally and metaphorically, the cold, mechanical hand guiding his minions to execute his father’s sinister plot. This dark conspiracy involves things like state-of-the art radio jamming and mind control technology to ruthlessly disrupt Russia’s efforts to reclaim their sovereign territory. To keep his foot soldiers in line, Hunter’s employs genetically engineered piranhas, garrotes, and poisoned shoe knives, as tools of terror, making examples of those who defy him as he sees fit.

As this twisted and labyrinthine conspiracy unfurls before the eyes of the world, the true extent of the Biden crime family’s power and influence begins to emerge, drawing a chilling parallel to the murkiest realms of organized criming, where the line between reality and fiction blurs beyond recognition. The question that lingers in the minds of all who dare glimpse into this clandestine world is simple yet haunting: Who truly holds the reins of power in this nightmarish abyss of darkness and deception? Does it stop with the Biden crime family, or are their untold forces from realms incomprehensible to the minds of ordinary humans? These questions were left unanswered by witnesses at yesterday’s hearing. hearing.


RIP, Senator Feinstein…


As a self-appointed Trump channeler, I will once again comment that he is going to get worse. Given his personality and legal situation, he has virtually no reason to moderate his behavior and a million to act in an even more extreme manner. He will keep accelerating until he is somehow stopped.


Jumpin’ Jesus on a pogo stick! What more depredations from Skum and shitter does it take for TPM to ditch shitter posting? FFS!


!Last! :smirk:

I just always wanted to do that.


Nice to see President Joe calling it like it is. Press coverage in Section G, page 6.


Hopefully Gavin Newsom can quickly get a new senator appointed and seated before any crucial votes occur.


What’s your totemic animal…?:slight_smile:


Her staff is probably barricading themselves in her office.


Agreed, but I wish he had not had to do this in the first place.


May Senator Feinstein’s memory be a blessing. She was a true leader and innovator.


This is beautiful!!! Please watch as Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) absolutely destroys Gym Jordan and the entirety of the Freedumb Caucus.Watch here.


Exactly, because our now-50-49 majority remains dependent on the likes of Sinema, Manchin and Menendez. Newsom will move as quickly as he can, I’m sure. Not sure how things work on the Senate end, though, or if there’s anything the GOP can do to jam or slow her replacement. What a totally avoidable mess. (And the blame is all Feinstein’s and those who “stood by” her when she was clearly not at all fit to be serving.)


Isn’t it obvious?

The Pallas Cat. Simultaneously the grumpiest of Grumpy Cats…

The doofiest of doofs…

And clearly self-entertaining!


Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has died.

To recap, Gavin Newsom, governor of CA, will appoint a replacement, but Mitch McConnell has stated he will refuse to appoint a Democrat senator to fill her seat on the judiciary committee. Do I recall that correctly?


If nothing else, reporting on Feinstein’s death, and after a couple of of minutes of “respect”, “Who will Gavin appoint?” speculation will suck out all the oxygen.


Agreed, though I haven’t listened to the president’s speech the MM excerpts are excellent and a pointed expression of our current political reality.

Will the soulless, money-grubbing, corporate media engage in an honest discussion of the president’s remarks or will they resort to their conditioned bothsiderism? Sadly, we know the answer. Still, an excellent speech by President Biden.


It doesn’t surprise me that the MAGA caucus is blaming McCarthy for thei way the hearing was botched. They can’t exactly blame themselves, but anyone who has ever had to plan a presentation of any type understands that you really can’t just wing it.

Another House GOP staffer tells me “Comer and staff botched this bad.”

Tells me the information presented by Republicans has been “confusing” and Democrats are “on message.”

“How can you not be better prepared for this?”

— Stephen Neukam (@stephen_neukam) September 28, 2023
The answer is that when you live in a bubble you really don't know how weak or strong your position is. They can't really blame themselves; that weakens everything as far as they (or their base) is concerned. (Remember the orange Cheeto they worship will never admit weakness or apologize.)

It’s much easier to create a conspiracy to explain it.


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