Biden Inauguration Chair Says Ceremony Will Be Mostly Virtual In Order To Lead By Example

President-elect Joe Biden’s leading inaugural committee chair Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC), who also serves as House majority whip, said on Tuesday morning that Biden’s inauguration on January 20 will be a largely virtual event amid the pandemic.

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Q: “There’s no proof that Biden actually swore on a Bible because there were no witnesses that weren’t in the Deep State–he obviously used Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which as you know is a veiled reference to Obama, and princes are usually children. I’m not saying, I’m just saying…”


Hah! Biden only says he’s doing it virtual because he knows no one would want to show up for his lousy inaug… uh, whatever its called.


Trump will tweeting(*) about how much more people went to his inauguration…

(*) Hopefully Twitter bans him at midnight January 19th, for the numerous violations that he has incurred in the last five years, and force him to take his shit to Parler.


Outstanding. The virtual convention was a great success. There will be millions of national and international viewers. It will be a fine nod to the reality of the pandemic, and the start of resolution.

:notes: It’s beginning to look a lot like Biden… :notes:


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I’m fine with that.

We’ll more than make up for it in 2025.


Fine, they can set a document up in Docusign and have him do his E-signature. Submit in a mass emailing to all citizens.

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This is a good idea. It will let more people participate/watch than the usual version.

Now Biden’s fundraisers should tell everyone who was going to donate to inaugural events to donate instead to voting rights and ground-game organizations at the state level.


Yep, when the first Black woman president is inaugurated it’ll be one helluva celebration. Several of my friends booked trips for the inauguration and a friend tried to get me to go, but I’m gonna save my pennies to do it up right for Kamala or Stacy.


Biden holding a virtual inauguration guarantees that tRump will hold a massive rally at the same time. I just hope that Fox doesn’t decide to show them both in a split screen format.

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Biden is doing it right. If Christmas and New Years are anything like Thanksgiving, the country will be on fire with Covid-19


Leadership from day 1…the nation is going to be in a big hole, perhaps the biggest ever, and the Trump administration is furiously digging to make it much worse. The Biden team looks like it’s going to be the most experienced assembled in recent memory, and you can bet they will charge in and immediately go to work. The question is how much Republicans will continue to try to sabotage Biden’s administration…in the midst of all the pain and suffering, it would be a very bad idea for them to obstruct completely. I bet they will be the scorpion though.


I congratulate and respect this decision as the only possible option.
Personally, I will miss seeing the pageantry and traditions on my screen all day.


I feel the same way, but I’m optimistic that they’ll find a way to put on a helluva show. I thought I would hate the virtual convention too and wound up just loving it.


I think this is a great move.

I will share though, I was looking forward to inauguration photos far exceeding Trumps pathetic inauguration, but everyone’s health is off-the-charts more important than my desired schadenfreude.


To beat an obvious horse, better we have a virtual ceremony for a real President than another in person ceremony for Putin’s surrogate.

Agree about the convention. It was incredibly done and a joy to watch.
Also, there’s always Jan 2025

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I wanted the visual of trump sitting next to former president Obama having to look on as Biden and Harris are sworn in.
That is assuming he shows up.

Now you know every big-name entertainer from every genre would love to be asked to participate. And personally l would glitz the hell out of it just to make Trump nuts. And just to get some ideas up on the whiteboard, here we go:

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