Biden Economic Advisers Won’t Weigh In On GOP COVID Relief Counter Offer Just Yet | Talking Points Memo

National Economic Council Director Brian Deese and top Biden economic adviser Jared Bernstein on Sunday wouldn’t offer their two cents on a new COVID-19 relief counterproposal by 10 Republican senators, but reiterated the President’s urgency on delivering relief to the public as the country reels from more than 420,000 deaths thus far from the novel coronavirus.

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Don’t waste the time, people’s lives and economic well being negotiating to get an insufficient, watered down relief package for the sake of the appearance of comity.
The price they’re asking to enter into negotiations is too high. It was made so by the reactionary senate’s failure to act in a meaningful way at an earlier time.


Stop paying the House and the Senate salaries until they finally properly address the full magnitude of the problems T**** created.

A 33% solution is not the solution needed.


Based on a lot of what I’ve been reading, Biden isn’t going to get sucked in to lowballing negotiations with the Republicans just to show so-called ‘unity’. I’m hoping that it’s true, because this is just the Republicans trying to bring down any relief to as little as possible (unless their wealthy supporters get a serious taste first, natch).


adding that the President is “uncompromising” regarding the speed of passing COVID-19 relief.

Odd way to head off a filibuster.


Just use Mitch McConnell’s style of bipartisanship, which is basically to say fuck the opposition. We don’t need any worthless Republican votes so don’t bother addressing their idiotic plan.


…the cost of doing too little right now far outweighs the cost of doing too much…

Fuck your austerity mania, Republicans! Get this fucking thing done now!


Is it just me, or is that Pete Buttigieg’s stunt double?


Biden Economic Advisers Won’t Weigh In On GOP COVID Relief Counter Offer Just Yet

Well, then maybe they should ask me.


I don’t know. Post a picture of yourself so I can tell.


Have the Republicans publicly state what money they are cutting and why they are cutting it. They should be able to do that today or tomorrow at the latest. They also need to state what is driving their actions? Is it the deficit? If so, they voted to lower the taxes, so there’s the problem. The money is not a stimulus but emergency funding to keep people going without losing their homes, health insurance, etc. It’s also challenging to discuss any issue with the Republican Party as how can you do so when they believe that men (I believe they said Jewish men) are shooting green lasers from space to start forest fires in California? That the last election was stolen. And they want a seat at the table with the adults? Really? Just say no. Thanks, but when you are serious, clean up your own party and then ask again.


I think the admin’s message on this is just right: too much is way better than too little, time is of the essence, etc.


As they happily cut back the initiative funds by two thirds.


“National Economic Council Director Brian Deese and top Biden economic adviser Jared Bernstein on Sunday wouldn’t offer their two cents on a new COVID-19 relief counterproposal by 10 Republican senators…”

Here’s a response: “Give us 17 impeachment conviction votes, and you’ve got yourself a deal.”

(“Otherwise, talk to the Budget Reconciliation hand!”)


The Republican letter does make a good point, that the funding from the last two acts has not all been distributed yet. That’s a failure of the Trump administration, of course…there’s no reason for money still to be left on the table, especially since April. If money hasn’t been directed somewhere yet, sure, go ahead and add that to the bill…it might bring the dollar amount down to $1.5 billion or so (depending on what hasn’t been spent and how it relates to the Democrat’s bill items). And, integrate their points with the Democratic bill, I don’t see much difference there.

But, that’s it…it shows the spirit of unity but also pushes forward the Democratic point that the state and local governments need to be supported and the extra aid checks that Democrats promised (both ignored by the Republican letter). I’m actually not in favor of the general aid checks, they should really be limited to those who need them, but that was a promise and Republicans are trying to trick the Democrats into reneging on that with their letter. And, the state and local aid really needs to be done, they are hurting and laying people off because of the emergency and lack of funds. Republicans just don’t want to give aid to them…tax cuts for billionaires is fine, but aid to help average people just won’t work for them.

I don’t see the administration falling for this one…they are making it clear that a bill must pass quickly, and must have certain things in it. Republicans can have input into the bill, may even have good ideas, but they aren’t going to be allowed to hold things up or cut things down so it doesn’t help people. It’s the right attitude, Republicans aren’t driving the agenda anymore and it’s time they learn that…we can be sure that they would force their bill through regardless of what Democrats had to say.


So, this may be somewhat counter to the sentiments above, but . . .

The current $1.9b proposal includes stimulus checks for couples earning up to $300,000. There’s a lot of economic thinking that from about $100K up, that money will be saved and not spent, which is counter to “stimulus.”

Seems to me, the Biden team can re-calculate the cut-off limit, determine how much can then be cut from the $1.9b, and announce that they are prepared to go forward with the balance. As far as I can tell, the remaining objections (the $15 minimum wage, for example) are totally ideological.


No dice

People are leaving the GOP
Biden and the Dems are polling better than the GOP
Impeachment is Next

No time for Games


Last I saw they were saying 55,000 and above for the cut off. That is the GOP was saying



Well, that’s a start. I’d be prepared to hear what the economists actually think, but I tend to believe folks earning $300K don’t need the money.