Biden Admin Announces New Ad Campaign To Beat Vaccine Skepticism | Talking Points Memo

The Biden administration on Thursday morning announced plans for a new ad campaign aimed at encouraging Americans to get vaccinated against coronavirus that includes participation from hundreds of organizations to drive awareness.

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Wasn’t T**** getting vaccinated in secret behind closed doors enough for the deplorables? What else could the guy possibly have done?


I’ll concur that this is a good idea and worth doing right, but this article doesn’t mention Matt Gaetz even once.


Yeah, they could have also easily worked in a Cuomo link without breaking a sweat.


Missing a bet if they don’t feature Sarah P., now that she’s got the 'rona and is a big mask believer. Whom do the wingnuts trust more? And she can include the GOP Thought for Today: Just remember, everyone, it’s not a problem until it affects you.


The VP is doing an event with HHS to unveil this campaign. Enlisting NASCAR and the NAACP are great ideas.

If the data from Israel portends a similar trend in the US, once we reach Biden’s goals for vaccinating the adult population, we may drop the incidence level of COVID to below 1% and effectively achieve herd immunity on the original COVID and the UK/SA variants even if a bunch of folks refuse to get the vaccine. However, the unvaccinated pose a risk of becoming incubators and transmitters of other COVID variants like the Brazilian variant or homegrown variants, and that puts kids in an especially vulnerable situation.


I’d skip the “persuasion” part, and simply show a series of people who, unable to produce proof of vaccination, are denied boarding on planes, are denied entry to sports venues, and are sent home from school or the workplace. Make vaccine resistance expensive, and it will stop.


Coming together is nice. :smiley:


It’s damn sad that we have to use money to do this…the naysayers are secretly getting their vaccines and then profiting off the lies…they make me sick.


The problem is countering all the misinformation out there - the vaccine is untested; it puts a microchip in your arm that allows the government to track you; eventual accusations of causing autism in children; the virus is a hoax; why should I do anything when it only killed 2% of the population. This article annotates a number of the pushbacks out there:

Anti-Vaxxers Wage Campaigns Against COVID-19 Shots (

So how do we counter this nonsense? It’s been out there for too long with far too many people willing to listen to idiots over experts.


But the anti-vaxxers will be welcomed and celebrated in the petri dishes like Florida, Texas, Hell, any Red State.

And I’d do vignettes on those folks who claimed COVID was a hoax, until it kicked them in the ass. Use widows/widowers of those for emphasis.


But, they will tell you they have a “2nd Amendment RIGHT” to shoot you dead if you inconvenience them in any way, no matter how minor. MASKS are SLAVERY and Vaccination is “The Sign of the BEAST!!!” you know.

THAT is the kind of insane thinking we are up against here…


Just tell the millennials that they can use the chip to pay at the checkout line, and they’ll be all over getting it.


In addition to Sarah Palin, they should be recruiting country music singers and sports stars. Use that tribal signaling for good. Hopefully the ad campaign signals to people who had given up that the early shortages are over and vaccine is now available for everyone

There will also have to be some community-specific education and outreach. As @ronbyers has pointed out, one example is fears by young women that the vaccine affects fertility (this lie is being deliberately pushed on Facebook by a coordinated effort, possibly state sponsored) .

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It isn’t the millennials that are spouting this nonsense. It’s people my age - the gen X-ers and Y-ers. These are the same folks that have discredited science and the experts but are demanding the schools re-open.

Sometimes I want to ask them why they want the schools open, because they don’t value education anyway. I’m afraid the answer would be something like, we just don’t want our kids at home anymore. Public funded day-care, right?


I received two pieces of paper that had the date and the lot number of the vaccine received. Could have been printed anywhere. Didn’t even have a name on them. I doubt most people even still have them. I think you can forget about this idea.

That’s where the federal vaccine passport idea gets some traction. Yes, of course, you’re going to have counterfeits out there, but that happens with just about every government issued ID. Does that mean we shouldn’t have them? No.


Anyone who tosses that card is a fool. I know people who have had them laminated.

Since I am planning on flying to the farm in CT in mid-May, I fully intend to enclose mine somehow when I get my second shot on the 21st. It may be the only way I can avoid a two week quarantine on arrival, when I’m only there 9 days.

One of the items on my “to-do” list for today is to get ours laminated. The card is an awkward size to fit in a wallet, so the lamination should help keep it in one piece.

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