Ben Ginsberg Issues Warning To Fellow Republicans About Law Governing Electoral Count | Talking Points Memo

The Republican election lawyer Ben Ginsberg is calling on congressional Republicans to update the law that Donald Trump tried to manipulate to steal a second term. 

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Good luck convincing Rs to loose their grip on a potential avenue of cheating.


“Providing clarity would be in the nation’s interest. The time to act is now.”

“nation’s interest”

Is that still a thing?


Actually Kamala Harris should be reviewing the Eastman’s memos and correcting the stupid parts.


The problem is that Republicans understand they have lost the popular vote in every election since 1988 except one, so their hold on the presidency during that time is solely due to the Electoral College going their way due to the distribution of rural America. If the state populations were uniform they wouldn’t win, and if gerrymandering wasn’t allowed they wouldn’t continue to hold so much power in Congress (or state legislatures). This isn’t going to change for them, their only option is to game the system as much as they can to take advantage of it…and, to depend on Democrats playing by the rules like they always do (which is actually a good thing).

Ginsburg is right about this, the law should be updated to make sure that Congress’ job is legally limited and the ploys Eastman and the other Trump minions attempted are disallowed. Make them overthrow the government openly instead of through a legal fiction, so it’s clear to everyone that they cheated.


Hope springs eternal…but it doesn’t suffice. What can an ordinary citizen do when the press is corrupt [see WashPost article about Biden coverage] or in the hands of hedge funds, the politicians are corrupt or power-hungry, or honest but ineffective?


“The Rule of Law” is a floating decimal point.


A Republican who realizes that abolishing the rule of law will result in…lawlessness. Imagine that.


It makes sense, thus it will never happen.


Dear god, first Liz Cheney and now this guy are the sane sounding ones. When do the R’s change the national anthem to repulikka Uber alles?


"a Democratic vice president will be presiding over the Senate when the Electoral College votes are opened,”

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Fucking adorable. He thinks the state level GQP Trump KKKult is going to allow vote certifications to arrive in DC that weren’t 100% rigged and tampered with to produce a GQP Trump KKKult POTUS, maybe Oranjina McTwoscoops himself?

The VP is NOT the eye of the storm next time. They tried that and it didn’t work and can’t work this next time. They’re going to go the closer to the fundamental root of the problem in 2024: people being allowed to vote who they believe shouldn’t be allowed to vote because of who they will likely vote for, followed by making sure ballots are NOT counted if they manage to fall through the regulatory sieve.


Understanding Ginsberg’s point is going to be beyond the mental capacity of the Republican base, and that will drive how their Congress critters deal with it. It also requires accepting the fact that Harris is a legitimate VP, and of course they reject that.


In the run-up to the 2000 election all the talk was on Bush winning the popular vote and losing the electoral college. Ginsberg himself as part of the Bush team had prepared legal challenges for just that event. That is Ginsberg and Bush were intent on not accepting a loss in the electoral college and a win in the popular vote.

Instead what happened in 2000 was Bush lost both, the popular vote and the electoral college vote losing Florida. So Ginsberg and Bush just decided to steal the election.

Because it worked, Republicans through the Republican fixed Supreme Court have just become more brazen about stealing elections.


Won’t matter - both will be discredited tonight on Hannity as two RINOs that don’t have the country’s best interests at heart and must be destroyed.


“Zach Wamp, a former Republican congressman from Tennessee …”

Seriously? Zach Wamp?


Suppose Trump runs again, and wins. Now, suppose Vice President Harris believes that Trump’s reelection represents an existential threat to the county and does what Trump couldn’t persuade Mike Pence to do.


In that case, don’t change a thing  ; - )


Shorter: “Put the gun down because the other guy has one too.”


OT. If life gives you lemons…


“For starters, a Democratic vice president will be presiding over the Senate when the Electoral College votes are opened,” he wrote, referring to Vice President Kamala Harris.”

This is also why there won’t be another 1/6 attempt until at least 2029. Hopefully by then they’ll be too doomed by demographics to even keep it close.


Everything is projection with these people.

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