Barron Trump’s Private School Remaining Closed As Prez Pushes For Reopening | Talking Points Memo

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump insists that schools reopen so students can go back to their classrooms, but the Maryland private school where his son Barron is enrolled is among those under county orders to stay closed.

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Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan criticized the Montgomery County order, saying those decisions should be made by schools and parents, not politicians.

Because if we have learned anything in this pandemic, it is that it is best to let people make their own decisions about whether they should contract and transmit the virus.


Staffer: Sir, Barron’s school is not going to open until late in the fall.

Trump: Who?

Staffer: The tall blonde kid with the family lack of chin.

Trump: Oh, that one.


I saw some wingnut jackass on Twitter saying it’s a million to one chance your kid dies of covid, so no big, right? If that’s a concern then never ride in a car, etc. I didn’t bother pointing out that you don’t catch car crashes from sitting next to other people in school. Car crashes don’t suddenly increase in number somewhere until the local hospitals are overwhelmed. And we have elaborate societal mechanisms to reduce the number of and and mitigate the effects of car crashes, many of which are mandated by law and punished fairly severely if not followed. So that comparison is, let’s say, inapt.


It’s ok, the kid doesn’t need an education. With those genes, it wouldn’t take, anyways. He can still get into Wharton (undergrad) as a legacy.


I really hope this kid grows up and turns on his father.


Well, that’ll cut down on atomic wedgies for the lad.


Perhaps he’ll grow up to be an MIT uncle.


He’s at least going to be taller than the old man in a year or two.


Good for you but not for mine. Get back to school, get back to work, get back to shopping.


He might already be taller. Trump wears lifts. He looks a bit like Ivanka, only prettier.


I do not advocate for schools to open up for in classroom learning at this point. But listening to a professor of education talk about her son being an only child and that he needs more face to face interaction I wonder if any families have started increasing their own bubble? And by this I mean slowly introducing and merging their activities? It would go along with some other reporting I heard about parents that are hiring their own teacher to teach a small amount of children, and yes they are paying for it out of their own pocket, but one of the ideas that the founder of this idea had is that one child in every pod be there for free, or on scholarship.
Just some interesting ideas.


" Barron Trump’s Private School Remaining Closed As Prez Pushes For Reopening"

Oh no say it aint so,My,my.

If this dosen’t scream caution nothing will.

BTW: What does the first lady have to say about all this ? Oh never mind.


Yep, ya gotta start the young’uns on lower heels before you give them the full lifts.


Even an ex - model like Melania can barely walk in those bizarre fetish boots.


He’ll be as tall as Donnie is wide.


Let’ all sing Kumbacovid and 99 Bottles of Hydroxychlorloquine on the Wall.


A Mississippi high school student has tested positive for coronavirus during the first week of classes, according to the Corinth School District.

“We have had an initial test positive at Corinth High school,” district officials said on Friday.

After conducting contact tracing at the school, anyone who came in contact with the student was asked to quarantine at home for 14 days, according to social media postsfrom the district.



Some schools should be open. Some should absolutely be closed.

Nobody needs the Pedophile In Chief to decide for them.

Trump and DeVos should be careful with those stones in their glass houses, and butt out of local issues.

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Another interesting idea that a private school mentioned in the Washington Post story on this is hoping to implement:

A handful of private schools, however, were quick to pivot, such as Sandy Spring Friends School in Sandy Spring. The head of that school, Rodney Glasgow, sent a message to families on the same day of Gayles’s announcement, declaring that classes would be online-only for the first semester, which ends in late January.

Still, Glasgow promised some face-to-face time. The school will create “social pods” of 12 to 16 students, each connected with one faculty member, that will come to campus once every three weeks for “in-person social experiences within their pods,” Glasgow wrote. It will also offer some in-person programming for its youngest students.

Whether that turns out to be practical or not, at least some creative ideas are starting to come out.