Autopsy: Unusual Bone Breakages Deepen Mystery Of Epstein’s Death

An autopsy has revealed broken bones in Jeffrey Epstein’s neck, bringing up a flurry of new questions about how he died.

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Recuse Barr, this has your stench all over it.


Funny how Nicholas Tartaglione, Epstein’s cell mate, miraculously made bail and was moved out of Epstein’s cell “before” Epstein’s death.


Wish they’d explain the “hanging” since there is supposed to be absolutely nothing one could hang from.
Pending autopsy, interesting.


William Barr and his #1 client, current occupant will surely find those responsible…


How did Bill Clinton, who couldn’t cover up his own ejaculate while President, and Hillary Clinton, who couldn’t get elected President with 3 million more votes, get promoted to Illuminati Masterminds capable of reaching into prison and breaking the neck of the Trump crime family’s personal pimp? Maybe Chelsea is the super ninja.


Hmm…the Clinton hit team is not usually this sloppy. Could rumors their involvement be ruse to deflect attention from Donald’s mafioso buddies?


Trump has an entire department dedicated to figuring out the truth, but instead Trump does this.

Because Trump is deeply involved with the worst of Epstein’s behavior. You can see the wild look in Trump’s eyes when he’s around young girls — prey.


I’m a little bit offended by people both here and in the punditsphere who sneer about those of us with doubts about the official story. This was a guy with more dirt on powerful people than nearly anyone else in his time, first of all. And he was being held under the auspices of a clearly corrupt Department of Justice that’s at the service of a president who’s one of those suspect powerful people. There is zero reason to take anything we’re told at face value. I like to think I don’t deal in “conspiracy theories” that aren’t plausible but I think it’s common sense to have suspicions here.


Sweet mother of god … unless we can get conclusive proof of what happened, enjoy spending the next twenty-five years of your life watching/reading/listening to variations of “EPSTEIN: THE TRUEST OF TRUE STORIES!”


He looks like he would have no problem choking the life out of someone. Not saying he did, but if he wanted to…no problem:


Yes, this is the thing that is most puzzling about the whole “hanging” bit – usually there’s a brief statement like “tied his bedsheets to the shelf on the wall” or something. Nada. Broken bone or no, how did he manage to do this?? You’ve gotta wonder why they’re not releasing those kinds of details.



This has Russion Mob fingerprints all over it.
There were plenty of very wealthy people who wanted Epstein dead, so there will be no end to the speculation, and no conclusion made as to the actual cause of death.


He supposedly hung himself from the upper bunk of the cell bunk bed with a sheet.


There are reports that Epstein was taken off suicide watch because it was determined that Tartaglione (who is accused of killing 4 people) had attacked him—that it wasn’t a suicide attempt. Tartaglione also apparently managed to get a cell phone into prison with him, meaning he could receive outside instructions. Interesting.


I agree. Sneering should be reserved for thos who, at this early point, already know that it was suicide or know it wasn’t.


Okay. Haven’t as yet seen anything in print on that, but perhaps I’m just not reading the right sources. :smirk:

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Huh. Hm. Occam’s Razor is looking a bit dull all of a sudden.

I now really can’t separate this from the fact that Trump has been at a frenzied peak of Trump cray-cray for the last three weeks. Something slipped another gear about the time Epstein was arrested and yet everyone in the press was too precious to take note of the timing (or, for that matter, ever acknowledge the fact that he’s crazy).

Of all of his many moral deficits, the only one that has worked in our favor is that he lacks the moral courage to order people to die. In any other president, that would be a fatal weakness, in him, with all of his other fatal weaknesses, it’s a rare blessing. But we’ve also seen he’s more than willing to do a Pilate and more than receptive to other people with a shared interest in protecting him, and collecting favors and blackmail material, who commit crimes that benefit him without him ordering it, He’s fully receptive to a thug who says “don’ worry, I got this!” and then feeling very powerful and tough, very tough, when it happens, as if he’d had the balls to order it.

The mere fact that the King of Projection was out within 24 hours blaming the Clintons is consistent with the same pattern we saw in the Russian interference of passive receptivity to wrongdoing and then obstruction and deflection not because he ordered it, but based on his cowardice, his fear it will all lead back to him because he condoned it, whether before or after the fact.


That’s it. I’ll state for the record I don’t and couldn’t know a damn thing except that there are clear reasons not to trust Bill Barr. He and other Trump appointees may not have total control but there’s a history of his protecting Trump in obviously corrupt ways.


With the possibility of being a homicide instead of an apparent suicide due to Epstein’s broken hyoid bone…

Will the Epstein case be MUELLER’D by Coverup General Barr?