Alleged Insurrectionists Indicted For Planning Violence On Jan. 6

Several now-charged Trump supporters who allegedly stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 previously used a Telegram group chat to conspire to commit violence on that day, prosecutors alleged in an indictment made public on Monday.

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That all they’re charged with after assaulting officers?




Definite premeditation to commit assault, if not worse, followed by an actual assault on an LEO. I hope they see the inside of a prison cell for many years.


Clever name for an Antifa cell.


What no theft charge?


He seems nice.


As the insurrection was underway, the redacted third defendant sent a text to an individual identified as “Person Two” informing him or her that the group was at the Capitol steps and “the battle has begun,” according to the indictment.

Who is the third defendant, and who is ‘Person Two’? Is there a ‘Person (Induhvidual) One’?

These guys might do big-time time, but the subtext is perhaps of more interest.


Eight charges are listed on the first page of the posted indictment, including “Inflicting Bodily Injury on Certain Officers Using a Dangerous Weapon” and “Theft of Government Property.”


Hmmmm…the small fry are slowly but surely being followed by somewhat bigger fish.

Hope they keep going until the get to the top of the food chain.


I just hope the country isn’t that top of the food chain…


We must do something about the continuing scourge of mental illness in this country.


Am I mistaken or is this the first formal Conspiracy charge in conjunction with Jan 6?


My psychology may be wrong, but by going after the small fry, while leaving the bigger fish to seemingly untouched is an interesting move to create dissent in the rogues gallery.
The small fry don’t have the means and legal power to drag this out. While the bigger fish may have both of those, they’re being undermined with the lose of the small fry.


St Reagan shut down mental health. When they closed our State Hospital and tossed the clients out, they had to be protected from the town people.


The “tourists” take too much testosterone.


Glad to see them still identifying these pigs.

Time is rushing us into the midterms and Garland still isn’t going after the Republicans who led reconnaissance teams, he’s not going after those officials who planned and incited the insurrection. It is an enormous mistake.

I agree with you. I guess the other analogy would be that the low-hanging fruit(s) has been pretty much harvested.

But there will certainly have been some stuff that the small fry will have been able to deliver on the bigger fish, which nicely tightens the cases against those. Am certain you are right the next rounds will take even longer but hopefully they will be as productive – and will result in harsher consequences.


"You think that you’re a patriot
In truth, you’re just an idiot."

A line from my soon-to-be-released song of joy and mirth, entitled “(Welcome to the) Death Cult.”


Really, how do you know this? Do you have inside information about what the DoJ teams investigating 1/6 are doing? Remember, they keep everything secret, both because people are innocent until proven guilty in a court and to avoid any accusations of political maneuvering. We have no idea what is being investigated, but we do know they are plowing through all of the lower fish and building connections to those who planned the insurrection…they have to show it was planned though, and that’s not a simple thing.

In parallel, we have the Jan 6th commission working on the other side, and everything they produce will be turned over to DoJ when they are all done. DoJ will clear out the lower cases and be ready to pursue prosecutions by the time that process has finished…and that is the process that has a chance of affecting the elections in 2022, as it will lay out the responsible parties for the attack.

We all want justice, but justice is slow and has to be done right, and that takes time and patience and a lot of hard work. They are working on this, so it’s silly to act like nothing is being done at all when we know that’s not true.

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