Aileen Cannon Refused To Step Aside Even After Other Judges Urged Her To Do So

Originally published at: Aileen Cannon Refused To Step Aside Even After Other Judges Urged Her To Do So

A lot of things happened. Here are some of the things. This is TPM’s Morning Memo. Sign up for the email version. Weird Day In Mar-A-Lago Case An unusual all-day hearing is scheduled today down in Florida in the Mar-a-Lago case on whether Jack Smith was lawfully appointed as special counsel. That’s weird enough on…


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Not that it’ll change anything in the short term, but I’m glad the media is building a narrative regarding Cannon as well as Alito and Thomas. It’s a necessary, though ugly, step on the way to reform. And what we’re learning is ugly indeed.


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Thanks, so complicated, hopefully it will be resolved soon




Thanks, so complicated, hopefully it will be resolved soon


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For all the environmental talk, we are still burning more fossil fuel every year. As temperatures creep up to irreversible and unserviceable levels, the fossil fuel industry doesn’t miss a beat.


If you’ve ever wondered why Pope Alito and Uncle Thomas didn’t dissent in the Mifepristone case, it’s because they had bigger fish to fry. Thomas’s concurring opinion wanted to revisit a relatively obscure 47-year-old case that established standing to sue by associations. Apparently, their rationale is, “if Josh Hawley’s wife doesn’t have standing to sue, then, dammit, no one will.”
This is a dagger directly aimed at groups like the NAACP suing over civil rights infringements. The idea is to set the precedent with an obscure procedural case that few people will pay attention to, rather than one that gets headlines.

Satan never sleeps.


Gotta run for a medical appointment, but here’s one of our cats cat.


Two unidentified sources. Probably former law clerks. Now that the story is out, further OTR sources will likely be willing to confirm its accuracy.


It shouldn’t be necessary. For all his “Aw shucks, I just call balls and strikes commentary,” Roberts has presided over the most blatantly activist court possibly in the history of the nation. Roger B. Taney was a despicable human being, but at least he didn’t pretend and act like other people couldn’t see that he was a despicable human being. As for the other 5 conservagoons on the court, it’s hard to tell how/where they fit on the despicable ladder.


My access problems seem to have been fixed this morning by logging out and then signing back in. I feel for the people working on this at TPM - been there and done that.


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Re: Reggie Jackson

One thing I found interesting about Reggie and the Birmingham A’s (which Jackson was a part of in 1967) was that A’s owner Charlie Finley was actually FROM Birmingham. So when Reggie mentioned Finley’s country club, those were Finley’s hometown folks.

Finley could be a jerk – though not as much of one as his nemesis Bowie Kuhn – but glad he stood up for his players. And I’m glad Reggie is around to tell the story.

(Side note: Apparently, Reggie was such an in-demand athlete out of high school that, per Wiki, three SEC teams were willing to break the color line to bring him aboard. When it comes to athletics, suddenly SEC teams are willing to turn away from Jim Crow … a little: Alabama didn’t have its first Black football player until 1971.)


Nor do they ever seem to miss a profitable quarter. Money can buy anything in this country including a license to kill.


“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.”
Joseph Heller
Conspiracy theorists and cabalists have something going for them these days. With billionaires openly handing out political donations of 20 and 50 million dollars, the billionaires really do seem to be ruling the world. Of course, the irony for the rightwing billionaires is that they all seem to be afraid that the societal system that has allowed them to become insanely rich is suddenly going to beggar them if a Dem is elected POTUS.