After Stoking Suspicion, Feds Find No Foul Play In PA Ballot Debacle

A federal prosecutor did little to lift the pall of suspicion on a case involving nine allegedly mishandled military ballots in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, though he seemed to acknowledge that the incident stemmed from a mistake rather than a deliberate scheme.

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Well I’m shocked, shocked.

Will the fat motherfucker resign now? Drop dead?


Barr and Freed could charge someone with something made up, but that could result in the innocent truth coming out. Better to just stir the pot and get the Army of Trump riled up and ready to do battle to protect the “integrity” of the election.

This kind of thing - and worse - will happen countless times between now and 11/03 and throughout November and into December if the Blue Tsunami doesn’t happen or is a few moments delayed.


No worries. Judges have decided that all the sorting machines need to go BACK IN to service - so all is well.


"DeJoy and the U.S.Postal Service presented the excuse in a response filed Wednesday to a nationwide order issued by U.S. District Judge Stanley Bastian in Yakima, Washington, last week demanding the return of some 700 machines that had been taken out of service.

“Dismantled machines ‘are generally dissembled for their usable parts, with such parts being removed to maintain or enhance other machines,’” DeJoy, a loyalist and major contributor to President Donald Trump’s campaign, stated in his response. “It is therefore not possible to return such machines to service.”

But witnesses reported that many of the expensive machines were quickly dismantled and tossed into dumpsters as scrap. The injunction noted that 72% of the ripped out machines were in counties Hillary Clinton won in the 2016 presidential election."


Is ballot tampering really what satanic pedophiles have time to fool around with?


U.S. Attorney David Freed just might not have that job when Biden gets to pick new a U.S. Attorney. I think Mike Pence will need help in his Terre Haute Mike’s Quickie Divore Shoppe. It is on Wabash Ave. next to the Pink Poodle Men’s Club.


First, “Especially”? Fuck you, lady. All voters matter.

Two, where did they get these magically printed before the Green Party decision ballots again?

Take your ‘Tonkin Resolution’ ballot scandal and shove it up your Republican ass.


disBarr and company have unequivocally revealed its “all hands on deck” approach to delegitimizing and, they’re hoping, throwing the election into complete chaos.

Should the nation survive this “election” I will gladly provide as many Trebutine®s as necessary to ensure that heads will (be severed, launched and) roll.


From this dumbass letter:

The FBI has recovered a number of documents relating to military ballots that had been improperly opened by your elections staff, and had the ballots removed and discarded, or removed and placed separately from the envelope containing confidential voter information and attestation.

“Discarded” and “placed separately from the envelope” are not synonyms. Fuck these people.

ETA: The letter from this corrupt United States Attorney is here.

Bottom line: Elections staff mistakenly opened some overseas military ballots because the envelopes look the same as the envelopes used for mail-in ballot requests. And all the mistakenly opened ballot envelopes were preserved so they could be counted.


Who could have possibly foreseen that while serving one’s country overseas, and exercising your franchise to vote could be so fucked up, logistics notwithstanding?

Someone please put U.S. Attorney David Freed’s name in the naughty and not to be trusted book.


“. . . a group led by Attorney General Bill Barr.”
The rest of the article is moot.


Military ballots by law have to go out 45 days before the election. These also could be FVAP ballots, which are more generic federal ballots that folks overseas can use to at least vote on those elections if they can’t/don’t get their state one in time.


Of course not, he will be made Assistant AG during Trump’s second term, full AG by the third.


That’s some unrealistically fast turn around time. Are they using SR-71s for mail service now?


I was talking about Trump. Your comment doesn’t reply.


Luzerne is a fucking Repub county.


Supreme Court is where he’s headed.


Anything to change the subject from the Trumpence-demic and cast doubt on what we all know, including Donald Trump, will be an election victory for Joe Biden.

It comes down to this, if the election is honest the election is over and Donald Trump loses. Hence Trump and Republicans are doing everything they can not just to steal the election but to avoid or ignore the results of the election and stay in power.


He wont either! He is looking looking forward at having a third team because of so much Presidential harassment in the first.

He better hope not.

He’s not going to get what he thinks. He’s telegraphed it too much. He’s talked about the court like he can control it, not like it’s a separate branch with considerable power of its own.