Add Fentanyl-Laced Mail-In Ballots To The List Of Threats Election Officials Must Guard Against In The Fall

Last November, just one day after a special election in Lane County, Oregon, an election worker opened an envelope addressed to the county clerk’s office. It contained a letter that read “stop elections now” and was accompanied by a suspicious-looking white powdery substance, Lane County Clerk Dena Dawson told TPM. The powder, which Dawson was not able to confirm pending an ongoing investigation, was feared to be fentanyl.  

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Gosh, I wonder which political persuasion is more likely to do such a thing. Well, probably both sides. Politics sucks. What’s the point of voting? Pass the chips!


Add Fentanyl-Laced Mail-In Ballots To The List Of Threats Election Officials Must Guard Against In The Fall“

It’s like there are people on one side or the other who want to sabotage vote by mail. Gee, I wonder which side’s supporters they might be?

Duh, it isn’t Democrats.


At last night’s forum for GOP candidates in Colorado CD-4, two of the candidates said we have to build that wall and close the border because Biden is letting fentanyl come across the border and straight into Colorado. This just confirms their concerns are fact based because the GOP would never stoop to mindless fear mongering.

The forum also confirmed that Boebert, who was a no-show because she is too busy governing the country, is not the wackiest candidate in that deep, deep red district.


In 2001, air travel changed forever.
In 2020, U.S. elections changed forever.

It is gonna be really hard to build anything in the future, now that every single brick has to be defended from the assassin’s veto.

A lot of this would be unnecessary if Rupert Murdoch had been stopped before he gained a stranglehold on the politics of three first-world countries.


He just took on Wife #5. Let’s hope she stabs him in his sleep.


This story horrifies me on so many levels.


Snorting fentanyl is a very bad idea.


“Stop elections now!”

Hmmm, I wonder what party would support the idea of not having any more elections and just appointing someone as dictator for life. Oh wait, it must be supporters of the guy who says he’ll be a dictator and has stated that he will only agree with election results where he wins.

It seems more and more likely that we’ll see outright violence during the election this year. I don’t know if it will just be cowardly efforts like this that try to interfere with things, or outright attacks on polling places or vote counting centers. It just feels like it’s coming, especially if the election isn’t clear and settled the first night, or if ballot counting starts shifting a result to Biden when the red mirage happens on election day. I hope election officials and staff are ready, and backed up by law enforcement…it’s absolutely awful that people are so twisted that they want to block our democracy from functioning, but that’s where we are.


Fux is really the crux of everything wrong in “western” society, and has been for nearly my entire adult life.


Didn’t they do a James Bond movie about a Murdoch like mogal. Didn’t James Bond kill him in the end. So art doesn’t imitate life.


Nobody who can get fentanyl would ever let that much go.

More baubles for the fear machine. More razor blades in Halloween apples.


The other day Donald Trump issued a statement saying he wanted people to vote by mail in 2024. Is he trying to get his supporters killed?


I wouldn’t count on law enforcement that much. I’ll count on Biden people knowing it is coming, and that the same old places can’t be rigged more than they were the last time, so the same issues will arise in the same states, and the opposition is so ham-fisted they will only continue to reveal themselves to be the snakehandlin’ Christ-punchers they are.

I try to take the time to remind ‘overly friendly’ Christians that their religion approved of slavery, the sale of children, the Civil War, and a century of apartheid in fully half our country.


Apparently someone(s) already did let that much go, if the article is accurate:

Similar to Lane County, four county election offices in Washington state were evacuated after receiving envelopes containing unknown-powder substances in 2023. Two of the offices, which were processing ballots following an election, confirmed the envelopes contained fentanyl.


I agree, but now that it has happened a couple times, every single polling place has to be safeguarded forever. So, attackers don’t have to spend any more fentanyl ever again, and they’ve managed to compel society to shoulder the full cost of defending against it.


I don’t believe them. Fentanyl means Mexican to vast tracks of inland WA and OR. Fentanyl is rarely available in that form on the streets.

And anyway, everybody is getting famous these days. Notorious is fine. There’s money in it.

With the internet, no matter the lie, someone is ready to believe.

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That’s a real knee slapper. Did you hear the one about how Republicans care about the less fortunate?


Really doesn’t have to be fentanyl either. Our whole society is salted with drama lunatics that will send the powder to themselves, scream fentanyl, then get elected county commissioner on the publicity before the truth turns up. By which point, the police chief has already been on TV, and would rather not be embarrassed.


I feel like this is a pretty big fact that is buried pretty far down in this article:

Although nobody was hurt, and fentanyl overdose is not possible by touch, but rather through ingestion, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee warned against the incident as the “latest attack on democracy.”