A Veep Who Wants Your Skin Ripped Off

A new motion filed by Jack Smith asks Aileen Cannon to modify Trump’s conditions of release. Will she act to protect the integrity of the trial and the lives of FBI agents who will testify if it ever comes to trial? This is a response to the outlandish claim that Biden tried to assassinate Trump. It is only twelve pages but worth the read.

gov.uscourts.flsd.648653.581.0.pdf (courtlistener.com)

Also, Marcy Wheeler pulls out the juicy bits of the motion.
Jack Smith Invites Aileen Cannon to Protect the Country Rather than Just Donald Trump - emptywheel


Even better.


Like so?


Trump is reportedly interested in Cotton as he seeks out a Veep who “would carry relatively little risk of creating unwanted distractions.”
I guess nobody has told Donnie about “Tehran Tom” who definitely has his share of baggage.


“I love my cigar, but I take it out once in a while” (Attributed to Groucho Marx)

The Collinses didn’t tell me Simone was eight months pregnant when we were making plans for me to spend a Saturday with them at home in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, but I guess it shouldn’t have come as a surprise. They are the poster children of the pronatalist movement, on a mission to save humanity by having as many babies as possible.

[I’d be very much surprised if Greta Thunberg has a home arsenal]

There is an AR-15 assault rifle mounted on the wall of Simone’s office. She has a Beretta shotgun above the mantelpiece in her bedroom, plus bear spray, and a bow and arrow. “It’s for home defence,” Malcolm tells me. They never used to have all these weapons. “Most of that is since we started the movement – because of all the death threats.” He shrugs. “That’s just the nature of the internet these days. I’m sure Greta Thunberg gets death threats all the time, too.”


Cotton is too tall. No way Trump picks someone taller. This is just grist for the mill.


Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like if DT wanted to take advantage of nominally liberal protests of Biden’s Gaza policy, endorsing the policy proposal of ripping off those protesters’ skin seems counterproductive.

Biden’s ad team seems pretty good, but they’re given a lot to work with so I’m not sure how much credit they should get.


She’ll more likely place a limited gag order on Smith, but at least that might be appealable to the 11th.


Tom Cotton? The “slavery was a necessary evil upon which the country was built” guy? The guy who wanted Trump to invoke the insurrection Act after the death of George Floyd?

Seems about right.

Anyway, let me see how Democrats are failing to appeal to voters…


My question is will she even get to it? As she slow rolls this case, her to do list grows and piles of paper accumulate on her desk


You’d think there would be a process for admonishment of nonfeasance, but apparently not. I’m afraid we’re stuck with this until such time as public anger reaches a critical mass and a majority party, god knows what, as this will likely be in the far future, runs on a court reform banner.

Of course, this is highly unlikely, so the country will just continue to slowly moulder like an abandoned miner’s shack in the desert, leaning over in the wind slowly, incrementally, year, by year until a chance thunderstorm gives it the coup de gras and the structure collapses.


What ever happened to just having a baseball bat by ones bedside?


I’m partial to a length of black pipe.


Joking aside I offer this image of Borg Peter Navarro (check the brain implant wire). And speaking of “skin ripped off” what’s under Navarro’s skin? A borg body?? Hmmm?


Could be fun
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I hate to be “that guy,” but this means Waters was about 10 years old at the end of the eighties, so he probably does remember his favorite toy.

Of course, his favorite toy was probably a KKK playset, so the overall point stands.


You don’t get to give me the side-eye!

Because of this case’s intensity and increasingly confined space, Ms Rosenberg said she invented new tools and contraptions to make life easier, including a shelf for her binoculars and a pen holder made of a paper towel holder.

But neither woman is willing to predict the outcome, despite sitting through each day.

Ms Williams said she can "never predict the verdict’’.

“I suck at it, and I’m always wrong,” she said. “Every jury is different.”


To be fair, ALEC cranked out templated cut and paste legislation before it was cool using the all but mechanical drones they entrall from the local Christian college.

The quality and volume of their output will not change significantly from the use of AI.


What ever happened to just having a baseball bat by ones bedside?

Sooo Old School. Lot’s of kids and lots of guns. It’s what we do, it’s who we are.


Their bubbling laughter is infectious.