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It’s looking increasingly likely that Pennsylvania could be a focus in any post-election legal fight over who won the presidency. Already, the state has been the site of some of the most sprawling and aggressive litigation over how voters will cast ballots during the pandemic, and one of those cases is already being teed up for a U.S. Supreme Court appeal.

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It won’t matter if the margin is 150 electoral votes without Pennsylvania…


MSM step up.
Our Repubs eat sh*t ,chases rabbits and barks at the moon.
They have no answers only criticism and The MSM must make this known nation wide.


TPM reached out to election officials in the 10 most populous counties in Pennsylvania, and only two confirmed that voters would have some sort of opportunity to fix issues on their ballots.

Good reporting TPM…but I have to wonder WTF the Democrats are doing if this is the case, and they’re not brow-beating the other 8 counties to get their shit together-- especially since presumably these areas are all blue or purple.

Biden has enough money that they should be dropping pamphlets out of planes over urban areas to get voters educated in PA and get the table set properly with these county clerks…


Yesterday - Sunday, September 27 - Tom Ridge went a step further than he has gone before - he did not just say he opposed Trump … He has flat -out said “I’m endorsing - I’m voting for JOE BIDEN”

This is a respected former Governor … the First Director of Homeland Security … This is a guy who still has credibility in the eyes of many suburban Republicans -


The Electoral College needs to go so we can end this Bull Shit. It is a point of fact that my vote dose not carry the same weight.


Philadelphia, for instance, is renting out space in its convention center for processing.

JFC, any doubt where Barr is going to send his goon squad to confiscate “evidence” of voter “fraud” allegations?! Dems sure as fuck better have a Plan B and Plan C if this is a centralized location where Biden will legitimately overtake Trump if they’re allowed to be counted.

Shit, Donnie might call in an airstrike once he realized the con is up.

PA is Joe’s Home State.
Joe has a Good Team
Eric Holder is no Slouch


Think maybe it burns impotus that NY is lost to him and he wants to take a home state vote away from Biden? Seems the kind of thing that would occur to him. We just need to VOTE. Let’s take Florida as well.


Will there be a GOP push to stop the counting when results take longer than usual to report?

Let’s ask Al Gore.


If the 2020 election is honest, the 2020 election is over.

There is only ONE point why Pennsylvania will be the 2020 election flash point:

If Trump loses Pennsylvania he loses the election.

That is if you take Hillary Clinton’s electoral vote count, add Michigan which Trump is certain to lose, and Pennsylvania you have 269 electoral votes or enough to earn Joe Biden at least a tie. And with Biden ahead in both the 1 electoral vote for Maine 2 and Nebraska 2, if Biden wins Pennsylvania Biden wins the election.

Or to put another way, to have any chance to be reelected in 2020, Trump MUST carry Pennsylvania. Hence if Trump is able to win all the other “toss up” states to include Wisconsin, Arizona, Florida and North Carolina, it means nothing unless Trump also wins Pennsylvania.

As others have pointed out, currently the odds of Trump winning Pennsylvania in an honest election are like 1 in 10. Hence Trump’s only realistic chance to be reelected is to find a way to steal Pennsylvania.

Or as I have read many times on this and other message boards, if the 2020 election is honest the 2020 election is over.


For every so-called “election lawyer” Fat Nixon is hiring to try to steal the election, Bloomberg and Steyer should fund the Dem’s hiring ten of them for the Dem’s…


It is 36 days away … strange stuff can happen - good and bad …
but at the moment Nov 3 can pretty much begin with 87 EC votes in the far Western times zones that can be penciled in.

So when the tallies begin - with the east coast polls closing … there will be a lot of numbers going in the Blue column … and if the margins are substantial … if even absurd results would not alter the outcome - . the networks will start calling states - and Senators … and Representatives … and if the Democrats have really done their homework … it could be a wide margin for Biden … with the prospect of it only getting wider …

If America goes to bed with Biden having very solidly locked up 300+ and if the only way it can go is for the number to get bigger for Biden - then the only options for Trump will be to make a hasty departure … or attempt some absurd coup.

after Wisconsin … jut win Nevada, or Arizona , or Florida, or Ohio, or North Carolina
(click the chart - they are there )

take them all and it is 346!


The difference being that its as a recount that was stopped…in recent memory I can’t find a case where the initial count of ballots was stopped. If Republicans really try to make that argument, that ballots shouldn’t be counted the first time, they will have crossed the final line into overturning our democracy…not completing the initial count, under the rules in place for the election, is the biggest indication that a nation has drifted into dictatorship. And, if they really try this and fail, it probably will be fatal for the party…the 2022 election will be a total disaster for them, simply because people will no longer trust them. Americans, in general, consider some things inviolable, and counting ballots is one of them.

I’m sure Republicans will try to draw a line for “good” and “bad” ballots, which should be an opportunity for the Democrats to use in the future to reform voting so that it’s not an option anymore. And, really, the key thing is to get enough votes in the bag so Republicans shenanigans cannot undo the will of the people, unless they cross the line into actual illegal action…there’s a big differences between BS legal arguments and “riots” that invade vote counting centers and destroy ballots. If Americans follow current polling trends, Republicans will only have the latter as an option to win…if they really do that it’s either the end of Republicans or of the republic. I’m not sure there are enough Republicans in the nation willing to cross the line to illegal behavior, I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks.


Counterpoint: In an average across all polls Biden is 47-48 among white voters. That translates to a high single digit margin of victory. No flashpoint if that’s the case.


I have been voting in presidential elections since 1972 and I can quite honestly say I have never seen this much corruption out in the open before the election even begins. Certainly individual parties have made some very questionable power moves on their own candidates, but I have never seen an incumbent try to delegitimize the entire election process.

The rest of the world must be witnessing this in stunned amazement - they must be shocked by our seeming inability to stop our slide into something this dark.


This looks very plausible. Thanks.

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“Philadelphia in the east, Pittsburgh in the west, and Alabama in the middle.”

When it comes to doing something about fixing its well-known problems with conducting elections, this common saying about Pennsylvania seems pretty unfair to Alabama.

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“Counties still have the option to offer a curing opportunity, but it’s not clear yet whether every county will in fact set up such a process. TPM reached out to election officials in the 10 most populous counties in Pennsylvania, and only two confirmed that voters would have some sort of opportunity to fix issues on their ballots.”

I understand that the biggest issue is the secrecy envelope. Will it be possible to ‘cure’ this deficiency? I would think that it would be possible to determine by looking/feeling whether the secrecy envelope is included.

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Well, at least they’re addressing these issues now (I hope) instead of on November 4. Let’s hope they anticipate and steer clear of most of the obstacles Trump and the DOJ throw at them. Also, if Biden wins by at least 10 points, none of this will matter.