5 Points On The Heightened Concern Over Saturday’s Right-Wing Rally At The Capitol | Talking Points Memo

Protesters demanding justice for the Jan. 6 defendants – who they dub “political prisoners” – are scheduled to gather at the U.S. Capitol this Saturday. Here’s what we know: 

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Evan if the rally does not have the crowd numbers they hope for, we know those who will be there will be part of the unvaccinated, so at least it will be another opportunity for the GOP to cull their own herd.


The rally won’t attract too many since the vast majority of Americans recognize the January 6 attempted violent putsch for what it was.


“Internal law enforcement documents have reportedly warned officers that some could see the event as a proxy ‘justice for Ashli Babbitt’ gathering, and that police should anticipate the potential for violence.”

Pretty sure I once heard some guy say, “When the looting starts, the shooting starts!”

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Laughable on so many levels…political prisoners? …nope just misguided law breakers awaiting justice…when this thing bombs…patriotic songs and prayers aside…the blather will be laid on thick, we won’t forget the disgrace they brought to America that day…


Braynard called on the U.N. to “be a voice of reason

Wait, what? Calling on the One World Government to help them out?

I’m so confused.


“Man,” another frustrated user wrote Tuesday morning, “i’m starting to think the glowie narrative is from the feds at this point. That or we have a lot of losers on our side, not sure which is worse.”

Gosh! What’s a stupid insurrectionist to do? Both possibilities seem very plausible.


Hands up! I’m showing a video!


It is NOT patriotism to support freedom for violent rioters who invaded the Capitol building with the intent to overturn a certified presidential election and lynch Pence and kill various members of the Senate and House. Police were injured and one was killed as was one of the protesters. Others were killed that day as well. It was not a neat and tidy love-in as trump would have us believe.


Makes me laugh.


“i’m starting to think the glowie narrative is from the feds at this point. That or we have a lot of losers on our side, not sure which is worse.”

The twin perils to believing in conspiracy theories — literally everything turns into a conspiracy, and you find yourself spending all your time with idjits.


"These are tactics that are familiar to historians who study the history of fascism, because the Trump movement has many similarities to a fascist movement.”
. Could it be that the Trump movement is a Facist movement?


Organizers say they want the release of detained Capitol rioters



One thing I know for certain is there are a shit-load of extremely stupid people in America who have been fed a diet of bullshit for well over a decade … or for ever how long Fox has been doing it.


“…wrapped in a flag, carrying a cross”?


“This is really about fighting the narrative about what actually happened on Jan. 6,” he told Steve Bannon …"

So Braynard comes right out and says it: He’s lying. And he wants to bury the actual truth in B.S.


Yet the media will cover it like it was a million or two participants. Have to; can’t be tarred as either “liberal” or “accurate.” Balance, people! Both Sides!!


It’s a good bet that many of these “patriots” will be carrying the starz’n’barz, or their own defaced versions of the American flag.


There is a weirdness to this thing … and it is a bit concerning .

Saturday, September 18th … only real activity on a Saturday = tourists ?

requested to hold the rally at Union Square, the public park by the Capitol Reflecting Pool

a bit further from the Capitol itself & this time - more fencing & probably more serious consequences if the boundaries are crossed … estimates say 500 - 700 (?)

So what is the real objective here? it is potentially nothing but a small tree falling in an empty forest … so, it sort of smells like there are other goals involved in this little exercise.


In January, he wrote to the Justice Department that “we do not support the Biden Administration using those few bad apples as an excuse to persecute the peaceful Trump supporters who entered the Capitol with selective prosecutions based on their political beliefs.”

That’s a pretty fine line you’re drawing there, buddy. So you’re admitting there were “bad apples” in the group, presumably the violent ones, but you want all the protesters currently held to be released? Or maybe just some of them, and keep the bad apples in jail? Where are you drawing that line?

Of course he’s also avoiding the fact that you can be charged with a crime even if it’s not violent. Like say, trespassing on government property with intent to interrupt an official proceeding. There is nothing peaceful about that.

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