Yesterday Was Just The Beginning

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One of the most striking images yesterday was of a crowd of pro-Trump insurrectionists entering the Capitol for the first time, ambling about between the velvet ropes as if they were tourists, awed by the majesty of the building and contemplating dinner later on at Western Sizzlin’. Their wandering — not directed or motivated, seemingly without any plan for what to do after they got into the building — indicates a profound disbelief that they could ever be successful. It seems clear that no one, except Donald Trump and perhaps Rudy Giuliani, actually believed the mob would gain entry to the Capitol and delay the certification of the presidential election, least of all the rioters themselves. That disbelief is now dispelled.

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Thank goodness we are not 1930s Germany. I think there may be some missing ingredients here as well as some additional safeguards. All the same, a chilling read.


[“Dark forces are on the move—they have already sought to kidnap the governor of Michigan and have stormed the American Capitol—and it will take a concerted effort by leaders on both sides of the aisle, as well as within law enforcement and the Justice Department, to keep them in check.”]

And light forces are on the move. Why does there have to be a tacit assumption that the dark forces are smarter, more resourceful, more intelligent, better prepared and better supplied with what they need?

In WWII, we were the forces of light. Although our racism at that time was horrible, we were still the forces of light.

We are going to have to snap out of it and start motivating people by assessments of what WE have and what WE are capable of, to accompany the Gloom Machine.


…and then there is always Erik Prince to worry about. He’s obviously a devout ally of Trump’s and I fully expect to hear his name, if not his actual presence, surface in the weeks and months ahead.


If we’re truly serious about avoiding a Beer Belly Putsch to establish the United States of Duck Dynasty, then we have “Rosenberg Solutions” at our disposal.

We need to start using them.

Beginning January 20 at 12:01 PM – if not sooner.


Without question Trump must be removed from office and stripped of any political and legal power. Given the last four years and especially the events and his actions of yesterday, it is high time for the Office of Legal Counsel’s opinion that no sitting President may be prosecuted be rescinded immediately. Then Trump must be arrested and charged with everything from inciting riot to sedition and treason.

Once and for all it must be made abundantly clear that even the President of the United States is not above the law, even while in office.


The civil war has begun. Yesterday the forces of fascism won the first battle. They walked away without so much as a parking ticket. This is just the beginning.


McVeigh was radicalized via newsletters, out of print books, and talk radio. Now we have Zuck’s sociopathic platform, Fox/OANN/NewMax, YouTube, podcasts, and on and on and on.

The first civil war was along state lines. This one is going to be everywhere, and most likely have support of police unions as well.


Trump’s opponents and especially his supporters now know that they can strike directly at the core of our democracy and elevate Trump’s power using violence.

And if the Democrats do nothing, the will know they can be bolder next time.


You and I surely BOTH know what awaits us if Americans do not snap out of it and do a collective massive Stacey Abrams impersonation.

One of Abram’s quotes which very much impressed me was (paraphrased)

Reporter: “Are you concerned about reaching Trump voters?”

Abrams: “I am not concerned with converting determined enemies. I am concerned with enabling and drawing out more those with our perspective”

Hate is a tremendous motivator. The GOP has got that piece down pat. But there are stronger ones which we consistently overlook.


Prior to yesterday I assumed the Democrats would do nothing. But I think the ship has sailed on that. Deep or not, the State as an institution cannot let this stand.


The Gloom Machine is not the problem or our weakness. The eagerness of the forces of light to think it’s all over now, everything’s OK, just 13 more days and everything will be fine is what will destroy us.

It’s our suspicion, our cynicism, our planning for the worst case scenario that will save us.


That indicates real power on the part of Trump and the mob.

If so, a lot of people were in denial about this …


Yup, being evacuated to a secure location while an armed mob looks for you and loots your office has a way of focusing the mind.

Edit: From another TPM article:

Babbitt was shot in the neck when she reportedly tried to clamber through a broken window as the mob surged towards the House chamber in which members of Congress, staff and reporters were sheltering. They reported hearing gunshots and pounding on doors from inside the chamber. Some texted their family members goodbye.


Trump appealed to an amygdala-dwelling “layer” of our society that will be hijacked by the next Trump to come along.
The old-time evangelical radio preachers once owned that sour slice of American Pie, then the Republican Party converted them into solid Republicans so W could get re-elected.
Cost Rove a handful of flag pins.
Now we have seen an unreal reality TV character grab that brass ring and run with it.
So we call them Trumpers.
That may be the one real legacy of the Trump debacle.
We have a name for our mob of rioters.
Magas, Trumpers, Deplorables, whatever label they embrace, Trump gave them a figurehead. Who will replace the one we just lopped off is now the only question.
There is a fortune in sucker-fees at stake.


Good. Flush the fascists out. Yesterday was a massive overreach. The job of Democrats is behave like the powerful, popular political party it is. Go on the offensive and make the GOP own this for years. I see this as the beginning of the comeback.


Reference those jerk-offs in Michigan for their intelligence in planning for, carrying out their kidnapping schemes. Let’s make our efforts widely known, but don’t tell anybody!


Unless there are severe legal consequences for the seditionists and terrorists, it will only get worse. This includes Trump, leading congressional criminals, and those in the mob.


Former Trump chief of staff John Kelly just said on CNN that he’d have voted to invoke the 25th, but that he doesn’t believe it’ll happen and in any case no one will carry out any illegal orders he gives at this point.


I don’t think they’ve won at all. They severely overplayed their hand. Sure, few were arrested yesterday. But law enforcement has egg on their face and has to do something. And I suspect they will come down like a ton of bricks.

The amount of righteous anger coming from GOP members of the house and senate - on live network TV - was something to behold.

After the last 4 years it’s easy to dismiss this as just another Trumpian display. But this is huge, actual history book huge. It is not often then you know you are living through future textbook history while it’s happening. But this is JFK assassination, 911 level “do you remember where you were when…” in its magnitude.