Who Runs The Department Of Homeland Security? Thanks To The Trump Administration, It’s Unclear. | Talking Points Memo

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Until Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Republican bootlickers get kicked out of the Senate, nothing will happen and Trump will continue to trample the Constitution.


Putin smiles.


Hoping it won’t be too late, but there needs to be and should be a full court press on McConnell. I’d like to see it start now. It will come after the first of year when campaign season fires up again when he faces reelection. He should have been ousted years ago, but can’t change the past, just the future.

Not much I can do regarding calling my Senators because it’s an exercise in futility with Rand and Mitch, but I still call from time to time. But if enough people would call their R senators and make some noise and put on the pressure, perhaps we can step up the timeline in getting them to buck Mitch. They all hate him, but they fear him more. He must be defanged and there are plenty of things to do that with if we could just get the ball rolling.

Be nice if some enterprising investigative journalist would do a deep dive on him.




If lawyers start making these arguments, it’s going to get interesting. My guess is that a lot of bad precedents will be set, only to be reversed the next time a democratic president faces an intransigent senate.

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Trump: “We don’t follow the laws. Laws are for little people.” (With apologies to Leona Helmsley.)

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It gets harder to keep up with who is running what with the revolving door changes in this Administration. I truly think this is intentional so that the Autocrat-in-Chief can basically assume control of every bureaucracy in our government.