White Parents Rallied To Chase A Black Educator Out Of Town. Then, They Followed Her To The Next One.

This article was originally published at ProPublica, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom.

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Cherokee County is a White Flight exurb. They moved there because they wanted to be away from minorities. Those people are no different in their prejudices and mean-spiritnes than rednecks that elect MTG.

It wasn’t in Cherokee county, but one next to it also an exurb community that I was once looking to buy a house and I commented to a black co-worker that it was very affordable but was concerned by the lack of diversity, and she laughed hard and said “You understand me now? That is why I don’t live over there, I don’t want people burning crosses in my yard!”.

I wished I had a conversation with Ms Cecelia Lewis before she accepted the position.


Ain’t nothing worse than a educated black cos they are uppity and they run down us stupid white superior folks.


Anyone else smell something burning?
Jeez these people are on a witch hunt and the only description they have is black female with Maryland plates.


Thomas asked the crowd. “It teaches kids that whites are inherently racist and oppressive, perhaps unconsciously,” and that “all whites are responsible for all historical actions” and “should feel guilty.”

She added: “I cannot be asked for repentance for something my grandparents did or my ancestors did, right?”

The British Empire’s biggest error was that they didn’t arm enough Native Americans and escaped slaves.


I really take issue with folks whose ancestors didn’t arrive on these shores as British citizens telling me about how, why, wherefore this country was founded.


One Georgia lie is that it was founded as just a debtor colony. Georgia was a security buffer between SC and Spanish Florida.

No one rational is saying that she and her decendents don’t deserve forgiveness. However, I’d love to know if Georgia kids can learn about the gentry overruling Oglethorpe and allowing slavery into the colony.


It feels like someone should make a show like The Biggest Loser called The Biggest Asshole. A lot of good bad candidates for contestants in this article. Though I suppose the show is predicated on people wanting to change, something that seems unlikely with that crowd.


Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

The Red States are moving as fast as they can to create a culture of mutual incomprehensibility in this country, aren’t they?

I also love that they didn’t trust Lewis to have any impact on the curriculum or teaching standards, but they undoubtedly trusted her with a gun.



I attended Junior HIgh School in Georgia in the early 1970s. We learned about Oglethorpe and “buffer colony”, but heard zippity doo dah about how the obscenely rich white fux who are, as a group, responsible for all evil (to give Fucker Snarlson a talking point) in history. In fact, I don’t recall EVER learning about the impact of the wealthy on the US development until I was in college.


I totally understand that. I live in Mobile, Alabama now. My sister was talking to a new professor at the local University of South Alabama who had asked in class if anyone knew of a nice multi-ethnic neighborhood (he was from an area where this was common and desirable). My sister laughed and explained that here in the Failed Confederacy, segregation was still the rule.

Twenty plus years later I live in the only multi-ethnic neighborhood I’ve found here and it is NOT in Mobile proper, but in the exurbs, such as they are and what there are of them. I’m not aware of any others. We have whites and Blacks, of course, but also Haitians, Indians, and other ethnicities that I can’t identify. It’s nice.

Same here. I’d have advised her to stay in Maryland and let the Failed Confederacy continue sinking into willful poverty and stupidity. Like other abuse issues, nothing can be done for these people until they finally hit rock bottom, and from what I’ve seen in the past forty years, that’s going to be a long time coming.


Doubtful. Or rather, a happy spin will be made on it: you know, after the initial shock of enslavement wore off, The Negro came to understand that he was involved in a longterm, mutually beneficial project to Make America Great. Also, Africans also enslaved Africans, so who’s the REAL racist, HUH?

oOoO!! Wait, wait, I have it! You teach a complete history of slavery, just as the Libs want! With a pious smirk, you tell children that hordes of white Europeans were enslaved over the centuries, rounded up and sold on auction blocks, just like Africans were–but Africans actually had it easy, since their history of enslavement is much shorter.

So, who’s the REAL victim here?!

Also? Should we have an office pool for the first person to appear on Fox to demand that Blacks should pay white people reparations?


Why can’t we do the same for bad cops and deputies.


Reminds me of a story I read fairly recently (here, maybe?) about an hysterical dust-up over book purchases at a local public library. I believe that the librarian was openly stalked as she went around her daily business, even to the point that, once she finally quit and moved away, there was a group of scary people on FaceBook still trying to keep tabs on her.

It seems to me that the logical endpoint of this madness is to drive everyone out of the county who is even suspected of Teh Bad Thoughts. Start threatening businesses which employ known Democratic voters, for example. Start threatening landlords who rent to Black people. Stalk the librarians. Stalk the teachers. Make the lives of your neighbors–you know, the ones who own books other than the Bible and Left Behind series–so miserable that they finally take the hint and leave.

Parts of this country are going to become like Iraq, in the sense that we’re going to start “purifying” our neighborhoods, driving away anyone who is not like us. And by “us,” I of course mean," GQPers."


I made the comment about witches up thread, but maybe it’s more like that pre-school devil worshipers from a couple of decades ago. And the word “fanatic” just isn’t strong enough for these crazy hysterical people.


I don’t have any personal experience with what lynching was like in small town America in the first half of the 20th Century, but various depictions of it in media and fiction, like To Kill a Mockingbird or In the Heat of the Night, it seems like it fit well with the satanic panic and this latest CRT insanity. Previously, this angst and anti-social behavior was directed specifically at nonwhites, but as it became politically untenable, they needed that same outlet, so they were easy to scare with the next bogeyman that came from irresponsible media sources.


I’m so gratified to see so many mentally disturbed individuals ruining the careers of trained professionals. We truly are going to see the day when Idiocracy is a documentary.


I see “White Parents” in the title but I’m pretty sure you meant Racists?


The white folk behind all this BS and persecution are absolutely despicable, and they actually think of themselves as superior beings? They are just a bunch of Jim Crow dumb fucks!


Trump ripped the band aid off and here we are: we must face the fact that the last 60 years of what we thought was racial progress was just an illusion: We are the same racist society we always have been and from the looks of it, will be, for the foreseeable future.