White House Kind Of Addresses Emoluments Issue With G7 At Doral

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham cursorily addressed the conflict of interest inherent in hosting the G-7 summit at President Donald Trump’s Doral resort, the first acknowledgement of the issue from the administration.

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Yup. We all buy that story…:smirk:

Sounds to me like Grisham’s been tippling again.


“Everything will be done at cost due to the emoluments clause,” Grisham told the Washington Post…

You can bet that the supplier for all of the “at cost” purchases will be All County Building Supply & Maintenance.

From the Vox article:

“Beginning in 1992, Fred Trump’s real estate business began purchasing boilers, refrigerators, cleaning supplies, and other equipment from a company called All County Building Supply & Maintenance instead of a wholesaler. All County, which was owned by Donald Trump and his siblings and charged much higher rates than other suppliers, seems to have been a shell company that existed only to siphon Fred Trump’s money to his children under the guise of business transactions.”


Yeah sure, this is the reason Trump insisted it be held there right?

Good god.


So of course this means that Trump will be opening his books to show that he’s not making a profit.



Yes…they will only charge ‘cost’ and fill up the hotel which would OTHERWISE be 60% empty at that time of year. Yeah.


The advertising alone would be nearly priceless. Except the Trump name has become a liability. …it bends toward justice.


“Face it, he’d be criticized regardless of what he chose to do.”

Um, yeah. But that’s only because of the lousy choices he makes.


“Everything will be done at cost due to the emoluments clause,”

What about the cost of shutting down MIA for the duration?


When pigs go flying over frozen lakes in hell.


Somethihng that has been missing so far… People in the streets demanding the ousting of Donald Trump, there are never going to be 20 Republican Senators willing to vote to convict the crook if they do not se people in the street demanding it…


When they finally back off this boondoggle it’ll be due to a forecasted hurricane. The forecast will be three months in advance, with the storm track drawn in sharpie.


Word has it that Doral has to pay $500.00/Gal for water and $500.00/hr for staffing.


Just remember: You cannot polish a turd


Just suggested this over in WaR, but…

Pelosi should write a letter to the leaders of the G-7 nations, explaining that under our Constitution, Trump is unable to accept foreign emoluments without the permission of Congress, and tell those leaders that as Speaker, she can assure them that no such permission would be forthcoming from the House of Representatives.

And then respectfully request that the leaders respect our Constitution, and decline Trump’s invitation to G-7 summit at Doral.


Irrelevant, but also deceptive. Even freshmen econ students (as I was many decades ago) know that there are two kinds of cost: Fixed cost and variable cost. Fixed cost is what is needed to pay for the plant, in this case, the property. Variable cost is what is needed to pay for the materials, wages, etc. In this case, the flowers, the food, the help, the bedbugs. The fixed cost stays pretty much the same even when business goes down. Charging “cost” when that means both fixed and variable costs–as I’m sure it does here–helps keep the business going, because it means Donny-Boy doesn’t have to keep paying out of his pocket for local taxes, building maintenance, etc. So it’s a real value to him to have this business. That’s particularly the case, because the conference will be in June. Not a lot of tourists go to Florida in June, and smart people in Florida (which must include some of Doral’s members) go somewhere cooler and less humid.

And don’t forget the advertising and publicity value of having a major event like this at Doral.

Doing it at cost? Hah!


I’m gonna bet that, sometime next spring if Trump is still around, there will be discovered a need for some fairly expensive and permanent renovations, repairs, and upgrades at Doral (you know, just to make it nice for our foreign guests and to make the good ol’ USA look good on the world stage) that will somehow be done at taxpayer expense.


Even if they really did have the G-7 “at cost” at Doral (which is doubtful) there are still so many ways that Trump could find to line his pockets by having it there. It’s exactly why this sort of thing is illegal and unconstitutional for crying out loud!


Good PR. but none of the leaders will refuse to come, at least if Trump is still in the White House.

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“Everything will be done at cost due to the emoluments clause,”

As a bonus, the bedbugs are free! Take a few home with you for the family!