White House Doctor Says Trump’s Hospital Visit Was ‘Planned’ | Talking Points Memo

Late Monday, White House doctor Sean Conley denied that President Donald Trump’s hospital visit 0ver the weekend had not been scheduled in advance.

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Gee, it took them a long, long time to come up with this rationalization…


“This past Saturday afternoon the President traveled up to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for a routine, planned interim checkup as part of the regular, primary preventative care he receives throughout the year,” Conley wrote in a memo …"

So, it wasn’t “Phase 1 of his annual physical” as Trump and Grisham claimed. Nice try, doc, but you just pointed out their lie.

Also, when else throughout the year has he gone to Walter Reed for these routine preventative care “checkups”? And you can pick 2017, 2018, or 2019 - or all 3 years - to provide dates for your answer.


Planned about five minutes after the medical incident occurred.

I’ll buy that.


My thoughts exactly. And given Trumpf’s penchant for fast food, his habitus, and the increasing amount of stress he’s under (deservedly), most likely he had some sort of cardiac event. A little bump in the enzymes, so to speak.

Good thing the WH has spent the last 3 years building up credibility for it’s truthfulness so we can all rest easy at this statement…


…a routine, planned interim checkup…

That’s why they hustled out of the White House and failed to notify the medical center of their plans. Yeah, unhuh.


This statement seems to be purposely crafted to appear to provide information but instead appears to be written to actually hide information. In other words, it appears to me that the statement was drafted to provide cover and disguise the true nature of POtuS’s unscheduled trip to Walter Reed.

How does the statement read to those of you in the medical field?

ETA: It appears that I used the word ‘appear’ or its variant three times in only two sentences. Though it may appear that I have a limited vocabulary, appearances are often deceiving. Instead, it just appears that I did not sufficiently proofread my post.


I’m not in the medical field, but it’s interesting that the doctor provided the cholesterol numbers. Whether or not those numbers are fake, they were certainly included to give an air of verisimilitude to the story being told in the overall memo. It’s a pretense of transparency.


So much believability. So little time.

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I just presumed it was an ”Adderall run”.


Makes little sense to me. They have to take the show on the road to get…his cholesterol count? He went in for an emergency bump to his Lipitor or Crestor dosage? (Rolling eyes)


trump really does like “letters”…


Doesn’t everyone get a 20 car motorcade and immediate attention when they go to the hospital?


Even from my position at the absolute bottom of the medical food chain, this smells.
If some of his numbers require more frequent monitoring, that is in no way a headstart on the annual physical.
And what routine procedures couldn’t be carried out in-House?
This is just weird. If Trump were capable of thinking three steps ahead, I’d be speculating he’s trying to manipulate his base into more rage at the mean Democrats who are destroying his health, but that’s not remotely plausible.
Beats the shit out of me.


I swear, for a moment I thought it said “PANNED”, not “PLANNED” and it really made sense.

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Looks like this letter was written with a sharpie…

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just wait until his emergency divorce…

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I’m guessing he had a full on screaming tantrum and the white house staff found it was out of lollipops.


The Pestilent is 70+, obese, no exercise, bad eating habits, little sleep, pops amphetamines, always agitated… what could possibly go wrong with his health?