What To Make Of Trump Org Attorneys’ Meeting With The Manhattan DA’s Office | Talking Points Memo

Attorneys for the Trump Organization are reportedly set to meet with Manhattan prosecutors on Monday, in what, according to CNN and the Washington Post, could be a final meeting before District Attorney Cyrus Vance files charges against the company.

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Now you’re just teasing us.


“For decades we knew that Trump was cheating — in Atlantic City, the university, his workers, the charities — and now everything is coming home to roost,” he said.

Then what took them so long?


People who I suspect have more experience with this sort of thing than I do assure me that this whole kerfuffle means that, so far, none of Trump’s coconspirators have offered to testify against him. So far.


“It’s usually very one-sided, with the defense lawyers putting forth what they believe are their best arguments, and the prosecutors listening,” he told TPM.

I believe their best argument is likely, person, man, woman, camera, tv, but it won’t be enough to stop the onslaught of indictments.


“Will they succeed? It’s almost a certainty that they won’t, in terms of changing the prosecutors’ minds.”

Sounds like the prosecutors plan to kill the king.


Trump’s blatant, obvious criminality wouldn’t be being looked at, even yet, had the Orange Shit-Stain not run for President. When Ivanka and Jared ended up on the wrong side of a DA’s investigation Trump made it go away with a campaign donation to Cy Vance. And we only know about that because of the attention Trump got as a Presidential candidate. Wealthy white folks do not face the same “justice system” as everyone else… not by a long shot.


Having been a criminal defense lawyer for more than 30 years, I don’t recall ever being asked by the prosecutors to tell them why they shouldn’t charge my client with a crime they believed s/he committed beyond a reasonable doubt. I guess that Trump is getting this special treatment because he is such an upstanding citizen who has done so many wonderful things for New York and for this country. (sarcasm–in case you were wondering)


Yeah, Donnie’s hysterical cries of injustice haven’t deviated from their standard tone and fare.
Things’ll have changed when he tries to intensify that, defaming the prosecution and, if someone flips, whoever rolls over on him.


Thank You
Why would they do this outside a courtroom setting ?
Unless it’s some kind of 3 dimensional chess wherein they hope they perjure themselves?
Something Stinks


So Mueller’s investigation wasn’t the greatest witch hunt in history.


Michael Shapiro, a New York City defense attorney and former prosecutor, said that meetings long the on scheduled for Monday typically don’t involve a lot of talking from the prosecutors.

What the eff does this even mean?

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In a surprise move, the entire Trump Organization rolls on Trump and cops a plea deal. :slight_smile:


Then it’s not really a “justice system” at all, is it?

(Forgive my assaulting The Fragile Pinkness of Fox vidiots by publicly posting “critical race theory”.)


OT: And I thought “Shut the fuck up, Stephen” was pretty juicy. With any luck, he’ll hear that quite often in his future.

ETA: I’m guessing “the MFer” went unsaid?

Bender reports that Milley told advisers gathered in the situation room: “Goddamnit. There’s a room full of lawyers here. Will someone inform him of my legal responsibilities?”


Michael Shapiro . . . said that meetings long the on scheduled for Monday typically don’t involve a lot of talking from the prosecutors.

Pretty sure he said that meetings like the one… Anyway, why would the defendants bother with this kind of meeting? How many prosecutors actually say, “Good point. You’re right. We’ll just drop the whole thing.” after hearing the other guy(s) out?


Trump’s new nickname is going to be “Little Rico.”


That’s close enough. I’m going to throw paper towels at him until we trade him to Greenland.


I suspect that this is a “courtesy” meeting, extended to Trump for appearances sake. Trump and his allies have been alleging that this entire investigation is a partisan witch hunt, and the prosecutors probably want to show that they have given Trump every opportunity–even extraordinary opportunity–to make his case. That likely explains why news of this meeting was leaked to the public. If the grand jury indicted the Trump organization, the prosecutor is not going to walk away from that because Trump lawyers are effective in pleading their case during this meeting. That’s why we have trials.


OT: Damn liars. Is it hereditary or environmental. Or maybe a bit of both?