What The Parnas-Fruman Indictment Reveals About The Trump-Ukraine Pressure Scheme | Talking Points Memo

The indictment of two Soviet-born clients of Rudy Giuliani’s reveals intriguing ties between the campaign finance scheme that the duo was allegedly running and President Trump’s scheme to pressure the Ukrainian government into becoming a factory for political dirt.

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It’s possible that the story here could be partly one of the tail wagging the dog: corrupt Ukrainian officials using American graft as a channel to remove a pesky ambassador drawing attention to their own self-dealing.

American graft that also assisted Putin in his goals.


Half expecting to find a large number of people catching flights to return home or suddenly decide to learn what living in a different country is like. Try to prognosticate now. It is impossible! Even seeing the entire Trump family migrate to a new country in the dark of night is a viable conclusion.


NBC: “Parnas and Fruman…”

CNN: “Parnas and Fruman…”

Nickelodeon: “Parnas and Fruman…”

Fox: “Biden! Biden! Biden! Biden!”


Time is running out - how many more gifts can Trump give to Putin before he is no longer in power? We know it is all about the sanctions-what can he do?

Desperate times make desperate men.


Swamp of Corruption, We Hardly Knew Ye!


“The identity of the official could tell us how closely tied Parnas and Fruman’s actions were to Trump or — on the other hand — to Ukrainians who stood to benefit from Yovanovitch’s removal and from the discrediting of the prosecution of Paul Manafort.”

For now, Trump/Thugs-R-Us/Giuliani et al can keep up with their “Nothing to see here…no Russian dressing used” mantra but I’m speculating this chapter of the Trump Crime Story is using Ukraine dressing laced with Russian novichok!



They just had the announcement from SDNY and I think FBI? I swear it was a direct jab at Trump.

Oh and now there’s 4 people, 2 arrested in VA, 1 arrested in SFO and one not yet under arrest


At least Trump, in his great and unmatched wisdom, brought the rock-steady Rudy on board, who could then hire the most capable and competent men to do much of the important financial and legwork. And all of them knew very well to be extremely careful and to cover their tracks, so as never to be found out by anyone. Shhh. Secret mission for stable genius in progress.


So many dogs that did not bark in this story, that you have to think the SDNY has not released all their dogs on these yahoos yet.


Nevada weed, you say? Well, that rings a bell:

"Trump’s personal attorney loaned $26 million to taxi mogul in weed biz, according to documents

“Semyon “Sam” Shtayner, a longtime business associate of Michael Cohen’s father-in-law, created Nevada-based Cannaboss LLC the day before the 2016 election.”


The schematic diagram showing linkages between these guys, Rudy, Trump, the Russian Brooklyn mafia , Russian oligarchs, Putin, Manafort, the Russian call girls, the Russian-NRA trollop, Kim, and and various others … will look like a front porch wicker loveseat.


Parnas and Fruman flaunted their influence with Giuliani while trying to secure lucrative gas deals in Kyiv.

As always, follow the money


a January 2019 converstaion

I love TPM, but can’t stuff be spellchecked before posting?


It portrays how the duo played the system, using a straw donor scheme to allow Fruman to exceed federally mandated limits on campaign contributions.

All that, the indictment says, was done to further the pair’s aims of “enhancing” their influence and to gain access to politicians. The indictment details how this accomplished that aim with GOP congressional candidates — the Yovanovitch scheme with Pete Sessions, as well as a separate story in which Fruman funded a contribution, laundered through Parnas, “to gain access to an exclusive political event” in June 2018.

This is ultimately John Roberts’ legacy. The all-too-predictable corruption due to the Citizens United decision that has opened the floodgates to foreign money and influence in our elections. He has sold our democracy to our foreign enemies. I hope history will not be kind to him.

ETA: and the graft/corruption is almost exclusively a Republican issue, of which I’m certain Roberts was aware would come to pass. This has echoes of the NRA/Butina story. Good Lord, the entire Republican Party is corrupt from top to bottom. They’re beyond saving.


It reveals “great and unmatched wisdom” ain’t so great and unmatched?


Don’t forget Pence, installed by Manafort.


This really lays bare how easily one can purchase a republican politician. Who knew?
Wonder of I can get a BOGO deal…
With so many whores on Congress we really need to fix Citizens United.They’ll do anything for a buck and they don’t care where it comes from.