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An abbreviated Senate impeachment trial is reportedly on the table for several Republican senators and senior White House officials.

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What a nice system we have where the defense and the jurors get to hang out and collude together before a trial.


Is two weeks long enough for all of the Republican Senators to individually speechify about how they are His Majesty’s best boy/girl and the most loyal?


Got to get it over with before the SOTU.


This little weasel Graham has made himself the image of Senate derp, eclipsing Moscow McConnell, a very damaging person.

It’s like a film being made of Capone’s chauffer.


WaPo : Even a two-week trial could run counter to what Trump has expressed privately. The president is “miserable” about the impeachment inquiry and has pushed to dismiss the proceedings right away, according to people familiar with his sentiments, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss Trump’s views.


“The Post also reported that people familiar with Trump’s sentiments said that the President has privately expressed how ‘miserable’ he finds the impeachment inquiry…”

Is it wrong that I’m smiling?


If there were a snafu and Trump went to Heaven, he would be miserable.

He wouldn’t be the Main Person.


That guy sure is awfully nervous for a dude who should be swaggering because the fix is in…


HorseRace people like Todd must be in Intensive Care as we speak.


‘Officials familiar with the discussions at the private meeting Thursday told the Post that in addition to Graham, the meeting was also attended by Republican Sens. Mike Lee (UT), Ron Johnson (WI), John Neely Kennedy (LA), Ted Cruz (TX) and Tom Cotton (AR); Cipollone; acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney; senior adviser and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner; and counselor Kellyanne Conway.’

Jesus. A rogue’s gallery of stupid.


Cipollone; acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney; senior adviser and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner; and counselor Kellyanne Conway.

With a brain trust like that negotiating the terms of the trial Trump would be well advised to resign immediately citing his recent trips to Walter Reed.


Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.


The Equivalent of the Gaetz/Jordan/Meadows/Nunes Brain (mis)Trust


I wouldn’t be all that surprised if Beaker refused to allow cameras in to cover the impeachment.


I think it is beginning to dawn on him that this impeachment thing isn’t going to rebound to his benefit. I think that is also finally soaking in to a bunch of Republican congress critters.

I suspect that this entire “drug deal” was designed to get caught so Nancy would impeach Donald. Donald could look sympathetic and beat up on the easiest Democratic nominee for Trump to beat–Joe Biden. That would allow Donald to 1) insure Biden is his opponent and 2) turn out his flagging base. The problem he faces is this crime is not like a white house blow job. Democrats were outraged that Republicans would impeach Clinton over something that insignificant. They turned out the next election and punished the Republicans. Democrats and independents are pretty sure this is far more serious than lying about an oval office sex act. I am sure a lot of Republicans quietly agree.

I don’t think Biden is going to be the nominee. He just makes too many mistakes. The other day he really hurt himself when he said he had the endorsement of the only black woman ever elected to the US Senate, while he was literally standing next to Kamala Harris. In the long run Republicans are going to pay a price when the crime they are defending is an effort to cheat the election. That is not going to sell all that well.

I think Trump screwed the pooch when he signed off on this Ukrainian “drug deal.”


and yet ghoulsie wasn’t in the room


The whole thing is symbolic not even Hurd is going to vote for Trump’s impeachment in the house. And in the Senate not a single Republican or a single DINO (Machin, Jones, Tester) are going to vote for conviction even if Jesus himself testifies against Trump.

The whole Impeachment process had be done because you cannot just let the things Trump has done pass uncontested (you have to fight the bully even if he beats you). But at the end Trump will remain in office the old man will continue to wear his red MAGA hat proudly. All we can hop is that a few people that normally stay away from politics will be motivated to go vote.


Makes sense. Since they no doubt plan to keep anything they consider to be “hearsay” or a “hearsay witness” out of the trial record…i.e., Vindman, Hill, Holmes, Sondland, Kent, Taylor, et al…what’s left for them to do but force the WB to testify and then call the BIdens and Chalupa? Quick and easy: Trump exonerated and Biden referred to DOJ.

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In light of the editor‘s blog post on the possibility that the Senate will be able to compel testimony where the House couldn’t and the courts would take a long time, the GOP may end up limiting the trial to a period even shorter than two weeks.

Or limit it to 2am-4am, and dictate it be conducted entirely in Finnish.