WH Launches Its Own Inquiry Into Why Ukraine Call Was Placed In Top-Secret Vault

The White House has launched its own fact-finding inquiry into the handling of the infamous July 25 call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, The New York Times reported.

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The White House has launched its own fact-finding inquiry

And Mitch McConnell is working on a project to restore the honor of the Senate.

And Fox News is looking for truth to report.

And I seem to be laughing uncontrollably.


White House shocked, SHOCKED to find gambling in this establishment…


“WH Seeking Way to Turn on Yet One More Person Deluded Enough to Work for Trump”

Fixed that headline for ya, TPM


It doesn’t change the fact that the call occurred and that Trump is abusing the presidency several times over


In other news, Erdoğan is making vague threats he’ll take advantage of a ready-made nuclear arsenal in his back yard.

Officials are reviewing plans to evacuate up to 50 U.S. nuclear bombs that have long been stored at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey in the wake of Ankara’s military offensive in northern Syria, according to a report.

The weapons are now essentially “hostage” to Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a senior official told The New York Times on Monday.

The Cold War-era B61 nuclear bombs are said to be 100-250 miles from the Syrian border, according to The Guardian. A former U.S. official told the outlet that Turkish diplomats responded to suggestions about moving the bombs by saying Turkey would start to develop its own.

“The potential problems have been discussed for over a decade,” the former official said. “And now we’ve finally gotten to a point where this is a problem that we can’t ignore anymore.”

Erdogan has previously expressed a desire to boost Turkey’s nuclear arsenal.

“Some nations have missiles with nuclear warheads – not just one or two. But [they say] I should not have missiles with nuclear warheads. I don’t accept this," Erdogan said last month, according to the state-run Anadolu Agency.


So Eisenberg is the latest person with soon-to-be bus tracks on his face?


They need to find at least one more to throw under the bus. How anyone could work in those conditions is beyond me. They have no ethics, morals, self-respect, or common sense, which I guess helps.


The blatant mendacity of labeling the search for the whistleblower as some sort of "noble action’ is pure Barr.

Watch for who he throws under the bus.


WH just trying to distract from the real issue, the POS trying to dig up dirt on the Bidens. Sure, it would be nice to know why the transcript was stored where it was, but that is not the issue.
Guess the lamebrains need to look like they’re doing something.


Wrote a few words about this recently.


I placed it in the vault because if it got out and became public knowledge the drive to impeach Trump would become overwhelming. Any other fucking questions?


99 and 44/100ths pure bullshit! Aand, it floats!


Laughable. They’re flailing and terrified.


After this “fact-finding inquiry” is done, let’s see if they tell us whether Eisenberg moved that “rough transcript” before he heard from the CIA’s general counsel or after …


Seems to me this is probably more of project focused on figuring out who knows what, what they are likely to be willing to talk about, and nail down the evidence. No doubt, a scapegoat would be a sweet bonus but I’d guess first priority is managing the testimony and evidence.




Oh yeah. One of the things history will make note of is the utter unseriousness of these people, the unhesitating willingness to make fools of themselves, to do ridiculous, futile things, the up-is-down denial of reality. Trump kicked it into higher gear, but they were ridiculous before he came along. Now it’s much, much worse.


Cheapjack grifters, fanatics, thieves, and cowards.


if Erdogan decides to put American military forces under his “protective custody” we will have a shit show of epic proportions that the dotard cannot in any sense rationally handle.

[going out on a limb with a bonesaw] American military and nuke weapons held hostage would destroy a sufficient amount of his support to effectively end his hold on the office, either through Moscow Mitch telling him to resign, impeachment or failure at re-election. Just please someone take away his access to the launch codes.

ETA: ruh-roh and har!