We Asked Alums: What’s Your Favorite Story You Wrote For TPM? | Talking Points Memo

I was once a TPM alum.

I spent the summer of 2014 working as an editorial intern at TPM just after I graduated from college. It was a simpler time — Obama was still president,  Ammon Bundy was … Ammon Bundying, and one of our favorite characters to drag at the time was Chuck Johnson.

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Greg Sargent didn’t want to weigh in? I’ve smiled as he’s climbed the journalistic ladder.


I’ve really enjoyed the 20th Anniversary articles you’ve been publishing. I’ve been reading TPM, I think perhaps from the very beginning, but I can’t say exactly when I began reading Josh Marshall’s blog posts. I retired 18 years ago, and I remember that I was reading it while I was still employed. In any event, it’s been fun to see. Congratulations to all the current TPM folks, and accolades to Josh for all the successful alumni this endeavor has spawned.


Sahil Kapur…where are you?

Paging Brian Beutler…


Ditto, Fess.


Good alums are generally a sign of a well-run organization. (I just exchanged holiday greetings with a bunch of folks I last officially worked with in 1987. The publication, now run by one of them, still does a bunch of good stories.)

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I wonder what happened to Esme Cribb? She was our weekend warrior, somehow pulling weekend duty every week and posting morning, noon, and night. One day, she disappeared with no explanation.

I still miss her - she was one of my favorites around here and I know I wasn’t alone.

Also odd that the person who authored this piece never identified her/himself, just starts out with “I was once a TPM alum”…


Wasn’t Matt Yglesias on the TPM staff at one point, Josh? Any memorable pieces from him?