Walsh Indicates That He’s Open To Third-Party Run

Former congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL) indicated Wednesday that he sees a third-party bid as a real option, should he lose the Republican nomination.

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“If I lose to Trump, I’m going to make sure he wins”


Not sure…

They are fishing from the same pond.


“Sorry I lost control of my swamp thing”

I wonder if that flaming dumpster of a human being ever took care of those past-due child support payments.

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Don’t vote for the blatant racist, vote for the racist who hid behind the guise of Tea Party ‘patriotism’.


Testing the boundaries of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’.

Yes, run, so we can clearly see the differences between your racism and trump’s.

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I doubt that, as a third party candidate, Walsh would draw any votes away from the Democrats. If anything, he’s to the right of Trump and has never said or done anything in his career that would appeal to most Democrats. He might draw votes away from Trump by giving the never Trumpers an alternative, though. That would be nice.

Remember, in all likelihood Ross Perot helped Clinton get elected in 92.


Here’s hoping that more than 10+% of MAGAts will vote for Walsh as a 3rd party candidate…

AND that the Ds and Is that voted for the Russian Puppet previously will be smarter this time to vote for the better candidate and to keep America’s democracy, sovereignty and rule of law - vote country over party, personality & perniciousness!

Not the case, unfortunately—Individual-1’s supporters are a cult—they’re not leaving him. If it’s not a binary choice, Dems lose.


Insh’Allah may it be so. After Nader and Bernie, I’ll never again trust a third-party-identifying candidate on EITHER side of the spectrum.

And: Walsh may tease it, but he will not run third-party. He’s declared now for the same reason Trump did: not because he thinks he’ll win, but because he thinks it’ll goose his brand.


Yes, but Ross Perot had some chops, lots of money, and a following. Joe Walsh is a one-term congressman, a deadbeat dad, and a chronic whiner. He might get a few votes in Illinois, but nationwide? Pfui.


Go right ahead, Joe.

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Agree. He’s not drawing any votes from anyone to the left of Trump, so the damage should remain contained to Trump and R’s generally. This of course assumes he gets a 3rd party challenge off the ground… which he won’t. So I guess this is all worthless speculation in the end.

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You believe in the omnipotence of evil. The world is not as simple as you make it out to be. If Walsh ran 3rd party he would draw no votes–none–from any plausible Democratic candidate. So every vote he got would be from Trump, or from those who would not vote otherwise.



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A 3rd Party Run by Walsh should help the Dems. He’ll take GOP votes away from Trump, he won’t take Dem votes or Dem leaning Independent votes from The Dem nominee.

I forget the guys name but, he’s been on MSNBC a lot talking about 6 keys needed for Trump to lose in 2020 and a primary challenge from the right is one of them (brings it up to 4 keys total so far). So this should (i stress should) help Dem chances in 2020.

ETA Googled it. Professor Allan Lichtman, he’s the guy always talking about Keys


If Walsh can’t beat Trump in the GOP primary (which he can’t), why in the world would he think he could find any traction in the general? Does he think that because a lot of Democrats are happy to see him challenging Trump in the primary that they might vote for him in a general election?

Sorry to burst your bubble Joe, but we just want you to attack Trump from the Right enough that some of his base gets disengaged and maybe stays home on election day. That’s all. Then you can promptly go back to the prehistoric cave you came from and snack on trilobites for all we care.

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And The Grift. Never forget The Grift.


My money is on Walsh being out of money and out of the race by Xmas. February, at the latest. This guy is a drunken hot mess.

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Pathetic how the “Old” Republican Party died without even a whimper. No Republican is running fighting for limited government, while still believing in government. Nobody running for limited taxes, while still realizing the importance of taxes. You have Tea Party crazy Republican vs. syphilitic dementia narcissistic disorder Republican.

And people who will vote one of those over a Democrat.