Vos’ Trump-Backed Rival Launches Write-In Campaign After Just Barely Losing

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R) fended off his Trump-endorsed primary challenger by the slimmest of margins – and now said challenger’s taking another shot at Vos’ seat.

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Is this writing in campaign being funded by the Democratic party. It seems to me the Democrats have to be smiling ear to ear.

The only way a Democrat has a chance in a highly gerrymandered district is for the Republicans to run two candidates. Who is Vos’s Democratic challenger this year? Does he have one? Is it too late for a Democrat to run?


If Steen is hoping to win in November as a write-in candidate, I hope he has the sense to demand that no ballots in the entire state contain any bamboo fibers.


The very first questions that popped into my mind when I read the article. Republican vote splitting would be even better than a bad Repug candidate; please let there be a Dem candidate to take the third, and only sane side.

Crap! Just read @mikeinmadison below.


Alas, there is no Democratic candidate at this point, though there is a scramble underway to create a Dem write-in campaign as well.

Moral of the story - contest EVERY seat, EVERY time. (Dems in disarray, dammit.)


No D filed in time (deadline was June 1), so Vos may have been assuming he’d be running unopposed, as in 2020. The 63d is largely rural, consisting of that part of Racine County lying west of the City of Racine. The only sizeable town is Burlington, from which Steen hails (as does Tony Romo).

ETA he was unopposed in 2010, but did have a D opponent in 2020 (h/t jinnj)


Eat your own!
One less to worry about.


There is no Democrat. Frankly nobody deserves to be thrown out more than Vos, but the dude positioned to do the throwing is even less worthy.

The best possible outcome for a gerrymandered district like Vos’s is for a traditional low-taxes conservative who isn’t a flaming rightist worth laughing off the stage for all eternity. That’s not going to happen here, sadly.


I’m convinced that about half of the Republican Party no longer cares about winning elections. All they care about is grievance, 24/7 airing of grievances. They’re fine with losing as long as they get to yell at somebody about the many, many made-up things that enrage them.


Any buzz about whom they might draft? Looks like there’ve been a few cycles where no Dem ran, and the last couple times when they did, the results weren’t as close as we’d wish.

Just as an aside, while checking on this I saw Vos’s predecessor was Ladwig, who got caught up in a scandal involving R legislators using staff to do campaign work. This was 2002 or so I recall.

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Ramthun not far behind , though.

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Damn shame … A three way race with a viable D candidate would present a very different picture !

Here’s how it went in 2020 … see below

if a third party / independent strident MAGA candidate like Steen pulled away 30% ( 5975) of the 19,919 votes that Vos got in 2020 ( and note that Steen got 4,824 votes in the recent R primary) that would mean that if a D could do as well as Joel Jacobsen did in 2020 … that would win !



Ya beyond a certain threshold of execrebility they’re all more or less equal.

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Circular firing squad.
Have at it, boys.


Yup. The wheels seem to be coming off the bus for Wisconsin Republicans, and it’s about time. Hopefully this bodes well for our side in the various races this fall.


More than one out of every 200 Burlington residents is a registered sex offender. They oughta be able to elect a Democrat with all that pedophile voting power.


It looks like the rattle snakes are beginning to commit suicide.


Important statistic for anyone who has to engage with Qmorans. Thanks!

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I have been saying that for years, but that sort of organization would require the party to spend money in places like Vos’ district which is something the party doesn’t want to do. It wants to spend every time on races where it has a chance the current election. Nobody thinks about growing the party for the future.


Joel Jacobsen (D) ran in 2020

  • he stepped in after original candidate Democrat Robert Prailes withdrew after he & his family suffered “ugly” personal attacks.