Two Powerful House Committee Chairs In Political Fight For Their Lives

Reps. Eliot Engel (D-NY) and Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), both powerful committee chairs, are locked in primary race nail-biters with their progressive challengers.

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We need new broom. It’s time for new representation.
Send Maloney & Engel home they’ve served long enough.


I’m good with this. If we’re going to make change, nobody should feel safe in their seat.


Elliot has spent the last two years doing nothing, sub Rosa helping trump. He needs to go. Ditto fucking fat Jerry Nadler. Who did that useless piece of shit not get primaried.

Maloney will likely get through, absentees should be better for her. She is actually decent (like lowery who is retiring) but ny has too many polls who are old school, still treat the republicans like the old Rockefeller republicans of a different era, really can’t see the evil on the other side and play hard ball.

We need more Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi, less Elliot Engle, and fat Jerry uselessness.


Maloney, who chairs the House Oversight Committee, was maintaining a tiny lead against Suraj Patel, with 41.5 percent to his 40. That may be a small comfort, since she wiped the floor with him in the 2018 primary.

Um, if she “wiped the floor with him” in 2018, how did he get elected?

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Race for their lives? Isn’t that a bit over-dramatic? They’re losing an election. Nobody’s gonna die. They’ll just move on to second careers as lobbyists for corporate America.


Primaries are good things.


Everybody has to up their game. Winning a race in a blue district counts as zero points.


He didn’t get elected. Nor does the article say he did.


Overall, they have been a negative IMO. They’ve driven both parties to the extremes and made legislating almost impossible. And they gave us Trump. He would never have been nominated if the decision had been made by party leaders.


That’s binary thinking. Binary thinking is necessary this year in defeating Trump, but Democrats have spent decades being Republican-lite because of binary thinking. The way to nudge Democrats away from the dark-side is in these Democrat-safe districts. Every vote counts.



He was primaried challenged and he is likely going to win.


Since I’m in one of these districts, it’s probably time for a change. I’m not sure I like the outside money in the Bowman Engel campaign. And the Maloney one is also about Asians wanting a seat at the table. I hope that the congressional black caucus schools Bowman and he separates from Sanders and Ocasio.

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I’m a 78 year old progressive and I am so happy for AOC and the other progressive candidates. It’s either change or doom for us and the planet. And…Trump is really crazy.

Ware a mask and practice social distancing. Stay safe.


Why would he separate himself from Sanders and AOC? They are the primary agents of change.


Patel might have beat Maloney, but he and Ashcraft split the progressive vote.

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Carolyn Maloney appears to have gone into quarantine in October of 2019. It’s also not Maloney’s first rodeo with Suraj Patel. Had Maloney taken a cue from her predecessor chairs of the Oversight committee (Cummings, Gowdy, Issa, Chaffetz) and actually did some oversight, as well as actual campaigning, she might have had a wider lead over her insurgent.

Sorry I don’t agree. Sanders was not popular in my district. Ms Ocasio is a brand who will overshadow Mr. Bowman if he is not careful.


Engel said probably the dumbest thing he could have possibly said.

Is it a single fuckup that should sink a long career? For a Democrat, probably.

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