Trumper-Turned-Lobbyist Photographed With Zelensky Aide In Kyiv | Talking Points Memo

A lobbyist from Mercury Public Affairs, LLC, a Paul Manafort-linked firm that drew prosecutors’ scrutiny during the Mueller investigation, was photographed with a key aide to the Ukrainian president Wednesday in Kyiv.

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Just an innocent conversation.

Probably school chums.

Some people are just so suspicious of every little thing.


What to make of this? The illicit activity continues?


Yermak seems to keep cropping up at the most interesting times. I close is he to Zelensky, and is Yermak eyeing to become the next Ukrainian oligarch?

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Hmm…So is Yermak in step with Zelensky’s anti corruption goals and perhaps he was just hearing Lanza (obviously on the dirty side of the aisle) out? It may be unavoidable to avoid corrupt people and their ways in a country that was/is(?) rife with it. Hmm…

Vin Weber, the Republican former Minnesota congressman, resigned from the firm in August to “focus my time and energy on protecting my reputation,”

OK, was your “reputation” a consideration before you got put in the spotlight?


“(Technically, Lanza registered to lobby on behalf of Lord Barker of Battle, the British politician who’d been named chairman on the company.)”

Safe to assume that Lord Barker is pro Brexit?

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Coming soon to Fox, Real Oligarchs of Ukraine.

Anyone else notice how all these Trumpee lobbyists start in Russia and branch out from there.



So she is basically saying Trump is old Dad at the IHOP and he is not going to mind his manners or opinions. Then he starts his rants on “Those people” and you finish your breakfast at record pace and leave with him before he starts a riot.

Like that would have solved the problem?


How about “special needs envoy”?


We’re not a mob, we’re a social club.


Next thing you know some uppity bitch is gonna say “All roads lead to Putin.”


I remember when the GOP used to warn people that Democrats wanted a one world order that was ruled by a Global Elite not tied to country.
Those bad, bad, Dems.


Of course it does. Ukraine is more than willing to help …they need that aid

Guiliani’s role was to undercut the policy chosen by the Congress and signed by the President in pursuit of some trifling false smears of a political opponent of the President.


They were clearly just talking about adoptions.

Rudy’s darling little criminal goons have recently flown the nest, and his heart is ready to adopt a few more middle aged inept criminals.


They absolutely did not want to let everybody know what Ghouliani was up to – giving him a title would have just warned everyone earlier. Of course, in the end Rutabaga’s big mouth and the WB blew everything up.

Besides, they totally knew that what was going on was absolutely not kosher, and Spankee giving Ghouliani a title would have clearly provided definite proof that Spankee had given concrete orders to carry out this illegal activity.


Just old buddies catching up – you know, how’s the wife, did the kid get into Kyiv University, how’s the job going…shooting the breeze.

Nothing to see here.

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If only republicans feared Russians as much as they fear Muslims and people of color…

Interesting angle. And yeah it would have. And that would have brought Rudy into the official process with requisite behaviors and documentation. He would have died on the vine in that case.

It is very apparent that Trump has spent a life time of avoiding true scrutiny including paper trails. This is no different. I can imagine the feelings of personnel watching Rudy flit about in their business and knowing this was an attempt to bypass them. Put an informal team into play and walk around everyone. I bet they even laugh at the career professionals as losers.

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