Trump Tries ‘Both Sides’ With Unfounded Ukraine Biden Accusation

President Donald Trump is aggressively trying to weaken the potency of the bombshell revelations that have surfaced this week about his reported pressure of the Ukrainian President to go after former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, hammering away at an unfounded accusation against Biden to even the score.

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I feel so ashamed in all of this.

I agree, the law does not ‘openly’ cover the President because nobody ever anticipated a corrupt POS like Donald Trump holding the office of the Presidency.

This both siderism ‘crap’ is just stupid.


Yes, the liberal media is trying to avoid any attention on the Biden Ukraine ‘scandal’…by focusing the world’s attention on interactions between the US gov’t and Ukraine.

That sort of tactical brilliance would be downright Trumpian.


What keeps getting glossed over in this is Trump telling the Ukrainian to work with Giuliani. Giuliani wasn’t there on behalf of the U.S. Giuliani isn’t with the State Department,NSA,FBI,DOJ,CIA etc. He was/is Trump’s private lawyer and this was a threat to withhold US military aid funds for a completely private purpose.


I love the smell of Orange Pustule Russian Chattel Crook Pig Rapist Traitor flop sweat in the morning.


Desperate people do desperate things. Desperate, corrupt slobs do desperate, corrupt things too!


Ned Price (the ex CIA Spook) said last night that Trump’s actions on this were systemic.

Meaning that there is MORE to come.

Fucker can spin all he wants.

Oh…and by the way, the Pelosi story on the front page featured an NPR (yecch!) interview earlier on Friday. Just in time for some Pelosi-bashing.

Just like the TPM Poster world ended with DOOM with Lewandowski, until it was plain that America (after the Attorney-Driven questions which made him look like a fool) saw him as a fool (except Trumpers, who would see Spicer as Fred Astaire).


Military aid, specifically money that was lawfully appropriated by Congress to help a friendly nation that is at war. Pressure don’t get much higher (or more corrupt) than that.


Until I see a path for the whistleblower to get in front of the House IC Committee -and with a pliant AG tamping down any investigation in defiance of the law - my fear is this too will eventually be just another “norm” broken with no or minimal consequence. If this is another issue that has to wind its way through federal courts, it’s just another case of justice delayed, which is justice denied.

Perhaps this is overly pessimistic, but I’ve seen this movie before.


In the immortal words of James Comey, “Lordy, I hope there are tapes.” And they’d need to show an obvious and undeniable quid pro quo.


When the WhistleBlower lawyered up with an attorney associated with the Intel world, that was one of my first understandings.


“But her e-mails! And Bengasi!”

The whistleblower has to put his/her country ahead of any possible consequences (including life in prision in the company of the Unibomber) and simple make a full disclosure to every news organization in the world.


If nothing Spankee said was out of line perhaps he should just release the transcripts.
Just saying.


Sadly, WaPo is already on the bothsiderism story…


As predicted Trumps blame it all on Biden plan has failed. Biden is showing how “Presidential” is done. This helps Biden. Trump is a putrid fool.


Not good enough to release the 7/25 convo transcript. Mob bosses like Trump might venture to state the quid, but then send their mob lawyers and mob enforcers to deliver the quo. Along those lines, it’s already reported that the whistleblower claim involves multiple contacts.


I don’t think it makes a difference, this is not the same electorate as pre 2016. They can play their bothsiderism crap until the cows come home, it won’t change anything.

  1. Trump’s allegation: Biden attempted to oust a prosecutor in Ukraine in 2016 - Shokin.

  2. In 2016, Biden boasted that he threatened to withhold a $1B loan to Ukraine if Shokin wasn’t fired because Shokin did not want to tackle graft. And Shokin was fired.

  3. Giuliani has claimed that Shokin was investigating Burisma (Hunter Biden was on its board) in 2016 but it was the British prosecutors who was investigating and ended the probe bec Shokin did not send the corroborating evidence.

  4. No evidence indicated that Burisma was under investigation in 2016 by Ukraine. It was only in March 2019 that Shokin’s replacement - Lutsenko, said that he intended to open an investigation into Hunter Biden’s activity at Burisma and to review Joe Biden’s role - approximately 3 years after what Trump/Giuliani alleges.

  5. Now, Trump has told the Ukrainian President “about eight times” in a phone call to work with personal lawyer Giuliani to dig up dirt on Hunter Biden.

That said, when diplomatic strong arming or quid pro quo happens by America or its representatives or its officials, there is a fiduciary duty for the US representatives/officials to act in the best interest of the US govt or America AND not for personal gain/profit.

Trump is using the power of his office and our country for his benefit/personal gain by pressuring Ukraine, who needs US help, to find dirt on his political opponents…just like in 2016 with HRC thru Russia!

This is a pattern of illegal election activities for Trump. And because there was no consequence for the 2016 illegal activities he has committed (Russiagate and Stormygate) and with the stakes higher for a Trump - his freedom - he will do it again and at whatever cost! And so here we are…more illegal activities that could be impeachable!

What happened to the RepubliCONS who has been defending Trump but Coverup General Barr wants to investigate Biden instead? What a bunch of HYPOCRITES!

When is enough is enough for Pelosi? For the Ds and Is that voted for Trump? How much more damage can Trump and RepubliCONS do to our country and people before this crime & corruption is stopped?


Trump really doesn’t have to work that hard to blunt the impact of this story.
The public is so numb to scandal at this point the bigger issue IMO is the cynicism and apathy already baked in: the expectation that congress will do nothing in response.


I surely hope you are correct about that.